For more than four decades, Laurysen Kitchens has set the industry standard for high quality craftsmanship. Their stellar reputation and exemplary customer service is evident in the care and attention that is incorporated into every project.

From designing, manufacturing, delivery and installation of kitchen cabinets, vanities and closets since 1970, Laurysen Kitchens have been providing unrivalled service to the Ottawa region and have steadily grown their reputation for high quality workmanship. The company’s rich history begins with John & Adri Laurysen, who started John Laurysen Ltd. from their 1200 square foot garage where they committed themselves to time honored skills, traditions, and integrity of cabinetmaking.  They wanted their company to represent custom, fully functional and highly aesthetic cabinets of unparralled quality and everlasting craftsmanship.  Since then, and now under the direction of John’s children, Bill and Caroline, they have grown into their current 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility and have built a strong presence, not just in Ottawa but across the province, with a Dealership Network that stretches across 27 different marketplaces in Canada and the United States.  The Laurysen family has also welcomed a 3rd generation to their company with Corey Laurysen (Project Manager) and Michael Laurysen (Quality Control Manager).   When speaking with the Laurysen family and Vice President of Sales and Marketing Manager, Giuseppe Castrucci, it is abundantly clear that this close knit team strives to provide exceptional service through understanding customer’s requirements and offering value added services and flexibility. “I believe what separates Laurysen from the competition is our attention to detail and family ownership,” says Corey Laurysen.  “We are always looking for the newest trends and technologies to consistently offer a better product to the end user. Also, customers like knowing that a family member is just a phone call away if questions or concerns do arise.”  Caroline Castrucci also spoke about the strong family connection and longevity within the company and how Laurysen has been able to stand out from the crowd, with a far reaching and national recognized seal of quality.  “We have evolved as a manufacturing company that started out working in a garage to a state of the art facility.  We have had steady growth and that all our expansions have been well planned and thought out prior to execution,” she says.


Laurysen Kitchens has broadened its product range, complementing its existing kitchen service with storage-solutions, shelving and display units for bedrooms and bathrooms and focusing on the home as a whole.  The core of the business is to provide a full turn-key solution, covering the designing, manufacturing and installation phases, with a true emphasis on quality throughout. “When you are dealing with finished wood products that go through manufacturing, shipping and installation, there is guaranteed to be touch ups and service required, but our qualified team of service technicians do their best to perform the work in a clean, cordial and efficient manner to get the project completed for the customer,” says Michael Laurysen.  With computer-aided machines now a cornerstone of operations, cutting lists and material usage is optimized; drilling and cutting are done with consistent precision; efficiency is being realized across all areas and the level of quality is better than ever.  This significant leap forward wouldn’t have been possible without investing in the necessary software, just the latest in a long line of clever additions to service that has seen Laurysen Kitchens evolve and adapt to the changing environment around it.  High quality at a competitive price leads to high demand. All products and finishes are thoroughly tested and must meet rigorous standards before they can be considered for introduction into the company product line. Striving to maintain the strict standards of quality that have helped Laurysen Kitchens achieve this acclaim, while at the same time increasing product availability, is one of the greatest challenges.   “We are always looking at new ways to improve customer service and client experience and if that means buying new equipment or investing in training or software updates – we do it,” says Caroline.


That kind of production power gives Laurysen Kitchens the ability to meet customer demands on budget and on time, as well as accommodate almost any oversize or irregular order.  What truly sets the company apart, though, is its commitment to lean manufacturing practices that make the company’s cabinetry some of the greenest in the industry.  “We are always trying to produce the best product for our clients consistently from day to day and week to week,” says Caroline.  “This is always a difficult task because we are working with a natural product (wood).  Also our environment for our final product is constantly changing because every customer is different and every home is unique.  So it is important that we educate both our clients and staff with what are our high standards and that we are constantly meeting all of our expectations.  This is done through client education at the point of sale and through constant monitoring and updating of systems and standards both in our office and our factory.  Lean manufacturing and standard operation procedures are core values at Laurysen’s.”  They have committed themselves to becoming a leader in sustainable production and maximizing efficiencies on the manufacturing floor.   This includes the NU Green Zero NAUF by Uniboard, the most environmentally friendly solution on the market; made of particleboard constructed from 100% recycled wood fiber.  Laurysen Kitchens is gradually moving more of its finishes to a water-based system. Water-based finishes are non-flammable and contain fewer environmentally hazardous materials, resulting in a product that is safer to apply, much less harmful to the environment and more appealing to the customer.  The future is one that is based on becoming a more efficient manufacturer by implementing 5S and Lean systems into production.   “We are implementing and improving our QC procedures and have embarked on a new and improved Training Manual for each department within the company. Our IT department continues to update, maintain and keep us on the cutting edge of the technology within the Wood Working industry,” says Giuseppe.


Through the years Laurysen Kitchens has assembled a remarkable team of designers, technicians, craftsmen, finishers and artisans who together have made the company one of the industry’s leading manufacturers.  Laurysen Kitchens has always taken pride in being an employer of choice, and are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, rewarding work experience for their staff. They communicate regularly and openly with staff about their goals and processes, and encourage them to share their ideas and suggestions.  “I think we have a great team here at Laurysen.  Many of our employees are long-term and they take pride in the product we are selling and truly care about the customers we are servicing,” states Michael.   “Being the Quality Control Manager, whenever I am presented with a quality concern from an employee, along analyzing the situation, I pose the question, “would you accept that in your house?” Quality can be measured, but the best measurement is the customer’s opinion and when you put yourself in our customer’s shoes, you can make the right call.”  The team at Laurysen Kitchens has been built by external recruiting of the best talent in the field, as well as robust internship programs with local colleges and universities.  By exposing students to some of the finest craftsmen in the industry early on and growing a relationship early, the company attracts and retains some of the sector’s best.  Additionally, Laurysen Kitchens works only with the most reliable, highest-quality vendors in the industry.  The long-term relationships established with suppliers ensure that the company receives only the finest raw materials for processing. “To build a quality product, you need to make sure that your suppliers are giving you a quality product,” says Corey.  “We inspect everything that arrives in the plant to make sure it is up to OUR standards – not just industry standards. Many of our suppliers, contractors, dealers, and renovators are also family run businesses – I guess we all share similar values.”  With suppliers that have been part of the Laurysen team for 20 plus years, it shows a tremendous sense of commitment to their quality of the product they produce.  “We are not always looking for the least expensive item to use.  I think that this gives us continuity with our clients, suppliers, staff and product.  We have “The Laurysen Edge” which we feel is this sense of family, belonging and pride for what we manufacture.  Good old fashion basics are always a staple at Laurysen’s – this is in essence our core value!” says Caroline.


Over the years, Laurysen Kitchens’ quality and innovation has been recognized by industry bodies such as the Ottawa Carleton Home Builders Association, the Greater Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, and the Consumer’s Choice Awards.  Laurysen Kitchens has won the Consumer Choice Gold Award for ‘Best Kitchen Manufacturer” fifteen consecutive years.  This achievement combined with their award winning procedures demonstrates their commitment to quality from the beginning to the end of the building process. “Our team is very proud of the work they do.  All the awards and accolades are great, but they do not happen if you’re not surrounded by a great team,” says Corey.   “Laurysen customers expect quality; it gives them peace of mind knowing that we are proud of the product we offer because everything that goes out the door has our family name on it.  The true testament is the amount of referrals we receive; I like these better than any award.  Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising in our industry. Knowing that people have taken the time to come see us because their friend, family member or whoever has recommended us really means a lot.”   The Design team has also received over 25 GOHBA 1st Place Design Awards and the Ottawa Business Chamber of Commerce recognized them as the 2004 Mid-Market Business of the Year.  “The true testament to our quality is our employees recommending our product to their family and friends, there is a pride that exists within our company that translates to our ability to maintain a high level of QC based on the old adage “if it’s not good enough for our family, it’s not good enough for yours,” says Giuseppe.


Laurysen Kitchens is committed to giving back to the community they call home, and looks for ways to support organizations that improve the quality of life for all people.  They are proud supporters of a number of charitable groups and organizations such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation and has held drives for the Ottawa Food Bank during their yearly Renovation Show.  Their goal of giving back to the community demonstrates they support a variety of local initiatives with sponsorships, donations, and educational bursaries.  While building great cabinets is their priority, lending a helping hand is just as important.


Laurysen Kitchens’ ongoing commitment to the customer – and to producing a superior product – has kept the company ahead for over 40 years and the team is eager to continue this support and dedication far into the future.   “I am excited to be a member of the 3rd generation of our family business,” says Michael.  “Corey and I have worked in the business since we were young, but we have now come in, after University in 2010, to take on larger roles with the company. I think our fresh outlook, education and enthusiasm, coupled with the wealth of knowledge and experience we have here in our Father Bill and Aunt Caroline, will allow us to successfully grow and improve our business in 2014 and the future.”  Within its history, Laurysen Kitchens has built a reputation that easily competes with any high performance cabinet producer worldwide. The company’s dynamic know how, and commitment to building custom quality Canadian product, will most likely deliver new solutions for clients and continue to grow.   “Having our 3rd generation of Laurysen family coming into the business has given a boost in our vitality and it is nice to see the enthusiasm and drive to succeed that the younger generation brings to the table,” says Caroline.   “Also with the next generation coming on board it brings a different perspective in regards to manufacturing processes, looking at technology as a tool and using is it as a stepping stool for integration in the entire manufacturing process.  This allows us more time to look at where we want to go as a company and see what trends are developing and manage these changes so we can bring new ideas and concepts to our clients faster and more efficiently than our completion.”  Expect to hear a lot more from Laurysen Kitchens. The company looks forward to seeing many more decades of growth, further investment and an increased market presence to service its customers.