Since 1984, Munro Homes has been building high end custom homes in Regina, Saskatchewan and surrounding areas, building a distinction of uncompromising quality that turned the Munro name into a trademark among the city’s custom builders.

Munro Homes’ reputation is built on trust in Regina.  Its timeless architectural designs are constructed with extreme attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and quality materials that embody a keen understanding of the homeowners’ needs and desires.   Led by Owners Colin and Ashley Chorneyko, they continue to pursue a number of engaging building projects throughout Greater Regina.  When speaking with Colin, he didn’t hesitate to express the reasons Munro separates themselves from the rest of the competition. “Our quality.  Quality is such a big part of it.  We’ve worked hard and have earned the reputation in Regina as a quality builder,” he states.  “Offering the client the best product combined with excellent customer service is so vital in today’s market.  Our goal is to exceed their expectations of what a high end reputable custom home builder can do.”  Each project by Munro Homes is founded on quality construction and superior service.  The company attributes its success to the strength and dedication of its team.  Munro Homes’ feature a look of modern design and polished detail. They offer an extensive selection of home designs that include bungalow and two-story custom designs that accommodate various lifestyles and price points.  Munro Homes takes their time working with clients to fully understand the specific project objectives.  Only then does the company create a package with efficient budgeting, committed price and an achievable construction schedule.  “Every home is different.  Every home is custom built to how the client wants it.  We have plans you can choose from, or we can start from scratch and help you design your own custom built home,” says Chorneyko.  “We’ve been working with the same designer for over 20 years, we know how to do things and what works and what doesn’t.  We’re always tweaking things to ensure we use the space wisely to create smart, functional floor plans that don’t waste any square footage with unnecessary spaces.”  They owe their success to the team’s strong ability to listen, understand and deliver building services with a committed price and schedule.  They consider themselves team players, where the client is a part of the team. They work to create design concepts and solutions to meet the home owner’s budget.  Munro’s method takes the guess work out of the cost of building your new home.  The purpose of this process is to help you see clearly what your financial investment will be and how feasible your goals are for your budget.  “We are completely transparent with our clients’ right from the time they meet with our project consultant.  When we have an initial floor plan figured out, we sit down with our clients and go through a detailed plan, almost like an ‘a-la carte’ type of process where they have options to upgrade the countertops or the master bedroom, or anything they wish,” he says.  “This gives them their base price, with option pricing included so there is no big sticker shock. They can actually see exactly what they are getting for that particular price point.”


Munro Homes is proud to be a member of the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association and the Saskatchewan Home Builders Association for over 25 years.   Also, as a member of the New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan, Munro Homes gives added assurance of an experience that will be positive and secure from the outset.  Membership in these organizations assures the home buyer that their builder has access to a variety of current trends, reports, and studies.  The firm has also achieved Master Builder status with the Saskatchewan Home Builders Association as well on the national level with the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA).  Munro Homes believes in being energy efficiency and environmentally responsible and are a certified R2000 Builder with Natural Resources Canada as well as and Energy Star Certified Builder with Resource Efficient Housing Incorporated (REHI).  Their homes are hallmark creations that people can inhabit rather than merely live in.  Each home is unique in its own way, but bears the standards of Munro excellence – whether it’s the well-appointed, award-winning Waterford show home, which won the 2010 CHBA National SAM Award, or the 2011 nominated 2200 square foot two-storey Bauhaus show home.  “We are very proud to be the first SAM award winning builder in Regina.  That was a huge achievement for us.  Some people in Regina, say ‘you should go see the houses in Calgary or Vancouver’, and it’s nice to know that we’re right up there competing with everybody else.  You don’t need to go anywhere to see those types of homes, because we are building them right here.”  These are bespoke creations that embody luxury from every perspective and are built with only one thing in mind – the desires of buyers to own homes that are as singular as they are.  Colin credits the company’s award success to the talent of their team, as well as the roster of subcontractors they work with.  “Our key trades and partners know how important the value of quality really is and what is expected during the building process.  They understand our core values and always ensure that any situations are handled in a timely manner,” he says.


Munro Homes is mindful of the future, and they are always attentive to upcoming trends and market conditions.  With Regina and surrounding areas’ population growing steadily and a demand for quality home builders on the rise, it’s reassuring to know that Munro Homes is dedicated to setting the new standard of building and client services.  Colin isn’t planning to expand from the current output of 15-20 homes each year. He is comfortable with his staff size and wants to be sure to maintain the company’s quality.  “I don’t really feel the need to expand at all because we’ve realized over the years that this is the max we can do to maintain high quality homes.  We specialize in high end custom homes, and we do it very well, so we just want to focus on what we do.   The company’s current goal is straightforward – to be the home builder of choice in Regina.  They plan to do this through emphasising their absolute professionalism, creativity, commitment to the client, and their dedication to producing effective results.  Munro Homes’ goal is to never sit still or get too comfortable.  “Our homes are built to a higher standard, we pay attention to the details, and with our superior construction processes our homes will stand the test of time.”  Colin says.  They continue to refine their designs, streamline their construction process and substantiate their commitment to a superior building experience that their clients deserve.