G&E Homes’ philosophy is to build homes that people love and are proud to live in; and is evident across all it’s projects.  A top-down mandate for professionalism and integrity in all activities is championed by CEO Cheryl Dueck, and it remains a driving force moving forward as the company establishes a reputation not only for superior quality, distinction and craftsmanship of the homes, but for the overall quality and integrity of the company itself.


Since 1986, G&E Homes has evolved from building custom homes and condominium developments to becoming a provider of much sought after active adult communities.  They have become an acclaimed and progressive group that excels at constructing high quality residential projects in Steinbach, Manitoba and surrounding areas.

When speaking with Client Relationships & Marketing Manager, Byron Falk, he is quick to point out the importance of G&E’s core values and he attributes their success to the strength and dedication of their team.  “The foundation of this company has always been about family.  We pride ourselves on the values of quality construction, customer service, and integrity, and we incorporate them into everything we do,” he states. “As a collective group, we all have the same aligned values that contribute to our end result and have a mandate to service our customers the best we can.”

The energy, passion and enthusiasm the team at G&E possess for building homes translates into high quality customer service for their clients. One major key component the G&E team focuses on is taking the time to really listen to their clients. Clients want a company who understand their needs and wants, who asks the right questions, who understand a buyer’s style and most importantly, is responsive and considerate throughout the entire experience. “Our team will walk you through each step of the process and offer a generous range of selections to choose from such as flooring, kitchen cabinetry and interior finishes.  We want to make sure we build a home that is unique and compliments our client’s style and décor choices,” says Falk. With keeping these important factors in mind, the G&E team creates strong rapport with their clients and has maintained lasting relationships with families throughout the city.


G&E Homes wants their customers to love their home.  They understand that a home is the largest life investment for the purchaser and strive to ensure that the home is a reflection of each buyer’s lifestyle – ultimately providing the homeowner with an outstanding product they can be proud of.  G&E also understands that the first home a client buys may not be their last.  “One of the great things about our developments is that we can offer anyone at any stage of their life a great home.   Whether it’s your first house purchase, or a custom home in an elite area of Steinbach, or if they choose to down size into an active living development with our bungalow condos, we can assure our customers a collection of innovative homes at various price points.”

By offering multiple price points and an array of architectural designs, G&E homeowners can grow within the company’s many product lines.  There is truly a feeling of comfort living in a G&E home, and with the focus of each project being the customer, homebuyers are sure to find options that fit their style.  G&E Homes take great pride in their customer service and comprehensive full service warranty program; including scheduled walk throughs at several stages of the construction process. hem the assurance and peace of mind regarding their home. We actually have never have had to file a claim through the National Home Builders Warranty Program and that’s something we are extremely proud of,” says Falk.  As a member of the Manitoba Home Builders Association and the National Home Warranty Program, clients can be assured that G&E strives to ensure their ideas and dreams are realized. “Every home we build comes with 5 years of coverage so we can protect our homeowners and give them the assurance and peace of mind regarding their home. We actually have never have had to file a claim through the National Home Builders Warranty Program and that’s something we are extremely proud of,” says Falk.


With the front line at G&E embracing the company vision to provide its clients with an outstanding home buying experience, that same vision is also adhered to by key partners and trades they have worked closely with over the years.  As such, G&E is determined to only working with individuals and trade partners who carry this principle to heart.  “Our relationship with our trades in extremely important.  Just like how we choose employees who share the same passion, we choose or sub-trades based on those same values,” Falk says.  “I would say integrity and service are the most important things and we make sure that we all have a goal to complete each home with the utmost care and attention.”


There is no shortage of choice with G&E Home’s selection of communities.  Whether you’re looking for a starter home in a vibrant urban community setting that puts you right in the center of the action;  or if you want to be in neighborhoods that offer more recreational amenities among natural settings, you’ve come to the right company.   With several communities in development, you’ll be sure to find a home at different price points that cater to a variety of lifestyles.

 “Our portfolio is quite diverse, and we have several exciting developments right now.  Obviously we are strong in the custom home market and we have some innovative projects within the G&E product line,” says Falk.  “We have an upcoming project called The Ashford Terrace which will consist of 32 units located in very dynamic fashion in our 120-acre subdivision in Hampton Village,” says Falk. “We are also excited to introduce a new upscale condo project called Terrace on 3rd in the heart of Steinbach that will be aiming to appeal to active living adults.”  This 4 storey condominium building with 82 suites will surround you with comfort and convenience in a style that is both contemporary and timeless. Characterized by rich cultured stone exteriors, attractive interiors, spacious floor plans, and grand 40’ ceiling in main lobby, Terrance on 3rd delivers a graceful sophistication to a neighbourhood rich with history.

“We also have an upcoming project in Winnipeg called RiverRock which will begin in a year’s time. Our CEO Cheryl Dueck is spearheading a community called Prairie Sky in Steinbach which is going to be an innovative 9 storey building that combines personal care with assisted living,” Falk adds.


If a measure of a company’s success is in the accolades and awards they have won, then G&E Homes has been riding the crest of the wave for quite some time.  G&E is proud to add to its trophy case over 45 awards acknowledged by the Manitoba Home Builders Association Parade of Homes Awards ranging from platinum, gold, silver, and bronze honours for building and sales.  Parade of Homes is held twice a year in Manitoba, and showcases the best Manitoba’s new home building industry has to offer.  This confirms that G&E’s commitment to top quality, satisfied customers, environmental responsibility, superior service and exceptional, forward-thinking design translates into quality and value for their customers, and inspires the G&E team to continue creating vibrant neighbourhoods.


As G&E Homes continues to expand, it is committed to constantly growing and improving in every area of the company.   The constant desire to be better drives the company to not only build a home customers love, but to create a reputation that will keep home buyers returning for years to come.  The Steinbach market has been one of the most progressive in Manitoba in recent years, and G&E has been both a contributor and benefactor of this trend.  Moving forward, Falk says the company will continue to pursue developments aligned to their key values as he predicts this will lead to further positive outcomes and strengthen the position of G&E as the company of choice.  “I truly feel that the sky is the limit.  Our company is more than just building homes for people and making money.  The vision of the company is to help people and create opportunities by offering communities specific to individual markets. Be it young couples or seniors, we are committed to building quality homes that are innovative, meaningful, and detailed to the specific taste of each client.”