In the same way a home is made up of many parts, the processes in which The Pentian Group creates are made up of many relationships.  The company establishes a personal relationship with clients, staff and suppliers because they believe this is what goes into creating the perfect home.  The end result is a high quality, well-planned, detailed space where the owner feels right at home from the first time they open the door.

Founded in 1997 by partners Michael Cuplowsky, Tony Amato, and Charles Valenti, The Pentian Group is a leading builder of high end custom homes, luxury estates, townhomes, rental apartments, and condominium developments in Montreal and surrounding areas.   It’s this diversity that helps the company showcase its innovation as a developer while delivering quality and value to its homeowners. “We want to make sure we take a central role in shaping the building industry by implementing our core values of quality, innovation and affordability in all our projects,” says Valenti. “Innovation is crucial and at the center of that innovation is the ability to produce Net-Zero Ready communities by incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly practices into every project.  This provides superior insulation quality, lower energy bills, higher resale value, while minimizing an ecological footprint.”  The best way to predict the future is to make it, and Pentian Group is committed to being a leader in quality, value and community through their integrity, innovation and pride.


The culture at Pentian Group is one of unwavering commitment to collaboration, personalization, and a steadfast commitment to customer service.  Making all of those separate entities work together as a team is absolutely crucial to fulfilling the company’s vision, and everyone on board works hard to meet that commitment.  “We believe a positive and supportive work environment brings out the best in a team and enables every member to succeed and contribute to the company’s success,” says Valenti. The company’s management team continually holds meetings with architects, designers, and trades to ensure everyone is on the same page at every level of development.  “Every company needs to have a great team that strongly believes in their vision.  Our staff and partners are very hard working, and we have great relationships with them.   We are always here if they need us,” he states.   This type of efficient pre-planning avoids delays at future points in the building process.  That extra dedication is almost unheard of, and is certainly one of the key factors that make Pentian Group stand out from the crowd.


Growth is a very important aspect of creating a successful business, and accordingly, Pentian has engaged in several outstanding community projects across Montreal in recent years.  “We are always looking to start something new, we don’t want to replicate projects all over the city,” Valenti states.  “We study the market is in that particular locations and try to fill the market demand. Our projects are not just about the best location, they’re about living in a beautiful home with modern design and incredible layouts.”

BlüVille sits in a prime location in the heart of SainteDorothée district in Laval, where its scale will make it a major addition to the area.  With proximity to the city’s major attractions, major highways, existing retail and fashionable restaurants, BlüVille offers the convenience and vibrancy of urban living with all the character and charm this community has to offer. The 21 townhouse community consists of hoes that include 9 foot ceilings on the main level, a private roof terrace, spacious living spaces, and luxurious kitchens.

Le Quartz is a 15 townhouse project with homes that can include 2 bedrooms and 1 and a half bathroom units or 3 or 4 bedroom and 2 and a half bathroom units, ranging from 800 to 1,200 sq.ft., in Pierrefonds.   Enjoy nature at its best with many quiet gardens, parkettes, walking and biking trails, and green spaces found in every direction.

Bordering the Lachine Canal and Lake Saint-Louis, on George V Ave. in Lachine, Pentian Group will develop 52 acres of land into a contemporary community with Square Gare du Canal condominiums.  The two-phases project will be the home to 80 luxurious and spacious units ranging between 675 to 1,70 square feet. With open concept layouts, high-end finishes, expansive thermal casement windows, and large private balconies, Square Gare du Canal will capture the modern atmosphere that will serenely express its classical and historic character and will resonate with the feel of the revitalized downtown area.

Pentian Group is also turning some of their resources to building multi-family, rental apartment buildings.  Le Courant III a mid-rise apartment building that is proudly one of Montreal’s premier rental communities.   The 7 storey, 112 unit project features attractive designed interiors with modern style kitchens and will feature high end thermoplastic cabinets with quartz countertops.