Dedicated to offering unique architectural designs blended with an enhanced client experience, Charleston Homes is a reflection of quality and value provided by a responsive and professional homebuilder.

Established in 1991, Charleston Homes is a leading residential builder based in Rockwood, Ontario; specializing in high-end custom country estates, single family homes, and sophisticated executive lifestyle townhomes. The company has built a strong reputation for quality homebuilding based on inspired craftsmanship and sound construction experience.  Led by President Mike Parker, Charleston Homes continues to grow and pursue a number of engaging building projects throughout Southern Ontario.  When speaking with Parker, he doesn’t hesitate to express the reasons Charleston separates themselves from the rest of the competition. “Our goal is to be top of mind for anyone looking to build a custom home.  We have built a brand that people know, trust and associate with excellence,” he states.  “It starts with the quality of construction.  This is paramount.  We take the time to ensure the product we are building is built well and with exceptional attention to detail.  We then focus on thoughtful designs to ensure our home plans are value- engineered so that the home is not only expertly designed but also cost effective as well.  Our after sales service has proven to be excellent, as they address any and all issues in a timely manner, they ensure and reaffirms our commitment to our customers and our product.  In doing so, we have several second and third time Charleston Home buyers; which speaks volumes about the high quality of all our projects.”


Charleston Homes’ approach to building is based on the principles of honesty, commitment, and doing it the proper way the first time.  “We strive to meet expectations, and our customers are involved in every step along the way and follow our well-tuned process that we have developed over the years to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and transparency,” Parker says. “We feel that the relationship we build with our customers is based on trust and commitment and it’s the best compliment we could receive as homebuilders.”  The company draws on its prior experience to make its projects successful, and trains their staff so they are able to answer any questions that may arise during the homebuilding process.  Charleston Homes believes its emphasis on bringing together the right people for each of its projects ensures a positive and seamless experience in creating a quality home. “We are all committed to achieving a common goal. Our team works extremely well together and our goal is to see our customers turn the houses we build into the homes they have always dreamt about,” says Parker. “We strive to have excellent communication with each client, ensuring continuity and following a process so that we are always all on the same page.  Parker knows they owe a great deal of their success to the long standing relationships they have built over the years with their subcontractors and key partners.   Charleston Homes relies on the specialized knowledge, skilled services and superior workmanship their partners provide to deliver their projects and they strive to maintain the best possible subcontractor relationship with top performing partners that share the same core principles and values as they do. “We are firm believers in maintaining a solid relationship with our trades and suppliers.  A lot of our trades have been with us for a long time and we can depend on their consistent quality of work.” says Parker.


Charleston Homes’ exclusive custom homebuilding process provides clients the choice to build on their own land or land owned by Charleston, and they have developed 5 critical steps in their custom home building process.  Any great home starts with a well-crafted plan and we guide our clients through our process of planning their custom home step by step,” states Parker.  “We’ve developed an efficient and transparent and open step-by-step process so our homeowners are informed and comfortable from start to finish.”

1.    Meet the Team

Charleston is proud to offer service and assistance from leading minds in the regions custom home building market.  When you place your future home in the hands of their highly qualified home building team, you can rest assured that the finished product will be one that you and your family will love for years to come.

2.  Architecture and Design

It’s your turn to call the shots. Your custom home will include all of the amazing features and design elements you’ve always dreamed of.  Even better?  Their experienced team will be there to guide you through every step on the way to completing your perfect home.

3.  Contract & Peace-of-Mind

In addition to helping you make your dream home a reality, Charleston Homes is committed to creating a fair contract that remains within your budget.  There will be no surprise costs or shocking invoices at the end of your journey.  Just a beautiful home with everything your family needs to live in comfort.

4. Construction Launch

Construction of your incredible new home is underway and soon you’ll be living in your own masterpiece. If you’ve chosen to work with Charleston Custom Homes, you can rest assured that you’ve picked the perfect team to make the building process run as smoothly as possible. Their customer service is second to none, offering you a fantastic experience on the road to your new Luxury Custom home.

5. Move in

Your new home is complete and ready to be lived in. Let’s get your family moved in as quickly as possible, shall we? The team at Charleston Custom Homes will make every step of the closing and move-in processes as simple and fast as possible.


The success of Charleston Homes over the past three decades is undeniable and their business continues to flourish.  “We have traditionally focused in the Erin, Halton Hills, Georgetown, Guelph, Aberfoyle, and Carlisle areas but we are looking to expand our geographic location to reach beyond and into Caledon and Orangeville, while still attracting customers in our past communities,” says Parker. “We are excited about the opportunity of growth and know that we will provide excellent service to all of our future clients.”  Dedication and commitment to excellence are imperative for Parker and Charleston Homes.  But added to that, it’s evident in talking with Parker that he holds a genuine passion for the work that his company provides, and that goes a long way in crafting a top quality final product.  Charleston Homes has and will continue to be committed to honing their expertise and will continue to achieve excellence in the homebuilding experience.   It is this mantra that has made Charleston Homes such a well-respected and trusted name within the industry – and if you ask them, they wouldn’t want it any other way.