Landrex has built a reputation of being a leader in land development – one that has created a legacy of crafting valued communities that families are proud to call home.

From acquiring the land, developing the vision and designing architecturally distinct residential and commercial communities, Landrex brings a customer-focused vision to every aspect of community and commercial planning. Owner and CEO Larry Andrews believes what sets Landrex apart from its competitors is its unique family business structure. “We are a family corporation that has taken our own family values and incorporated them into the way we conduct business. This meaningful structure creates passion and ultimately drives our commitment to responsibly serve the community.”Andrews is proud of Landrex’s ability to revert to their family roots when faced with adversity in an everchanging market. He credits Landrex’s success over the years to their “awareness of community needs, and a strong sense of commitment and perseverance in order to meet those needs”.

Established in 1972, Landrex has created a legacy that has contributed to revitalizing land and shaping communities, proving that good business can be achieved with a mutual commitment to strong values. “In all our actions, as a corporation and as individuals, we consider what impression we would like to leave behind,”says President Jim Sheasgreen. “Our personal interest in the business creates passion and loyalty and that is an integral part of our drive.”  Their business is dynamic, ranging from designing commercial projects and master-planned communities, to applying their extensive knowledge and experience to add social, environmental, and economic benefits to a community.“A Landrex community will always be a Landrex community. We need to create something that represents our name and our values far into the future,”says Director of Finance Sophie Baran.


A solid foundation is essential in developing communities. Landrex’s core values are the foundation that is pivotal to the overwhelming success of their company. “One of our most impactful core values is integrity. We believe the qualities that comprise integrity are some of the most important business practices that can turn a good corporation into a great one,” Sheasgreensays. “There is no genuine satisfaction in being at the top unless you came by it honestly and put in the work to get there. Landrex takes great pride in our ability to remain true to our company values.”

The company draws on its prior experience to make its projects successful and they train their team so they are able to answer any questions that may arise during the development process. “We are a very close-knit team. We keep an open line of communication, so we know what everyone is working on. Our integration creates a very efficient and highly effective work environment,”says Baran. Landrex believes its emphasis on bringing together the right people for each of its projects ensures a positive and seamless experience in creating a quality development. “Having a highly integrated team encourages us to think about how what we do as individuals impacts our teammates. This creates accountability and support and helps us strategize together.”


Landrex is not just about getting the job done, it’s about getting the job done right the first time.  As land development can have many unpredictable outcomes in the course of its life cycle, the key to success is in the research, planning, partnering, and communication.  “In real estate you constantly hear the cliché that it is all about “location, location, location,” says Sheasgreen. “Location is just the beginning. Landrex sees a piece of land and has a vision to create opportunity and a strategy to execute this vision effectively. The ability to do this stems from listening to our clients and our customers.  Listening carefully and learning from the market helps us create what people need and want.” To achieve this vision, Landrex consistently considers their own humble beginnings by striving to keep their business local to the municipalities they develop in. “We see opportunity in locally owned family businesses, like our own, so we consider them in everything that we do,” says Sheasgreen. “Landrex takes the opportunity to build long lasting relationships within our communities and support our partners so we can continue to share success with them for many years to come.”

Baran recognizes that building successful communities takes more than just constructing well-designed homes, it also means understanding local dynamics and establishing a community that taps into the best features of the surrounding neighborhoods.  This means constructing communities that are both beautifully designed and incorporate local parks, shopping facilities, and transportation hubs.  “We strive to do more than fulfill basic customer needs. We go above and beyond to design much more than a neighborhood, but we also create an ideal lifestyle that exceeds everyone’s expectations,”she states.


Landrex strives for balance between the design and the needs of the market, ensuring that while the designs remain unique and creative, they do not infringe on the integrity of the community. “We enforce strict architectural guidelines, so our communities maintain a certain level of esthetic quality,”says Sheasgreen.  They create places of value by crafting visions into high-performing, sustainable environments that create exceptional experiences for the people and communities they serve. “The difference between Landrex and other developers currently on the market, is that we take the time to work together with local builders to create communities that we all would want to live and work in,” he states.  “We do not sacrifice quality at the expense of saving cost.  Our communities represent our brand and our legacy, and we want to ensure we are represented as a high quality, thoughtful and innovative developer.”


Landrex recognizes that their achievements would not have been possible without the support of their community, and they take great pride in giving back for causes close to home.   “Contributing to the broader community by sharing our time and resources is an important part of who we are as leaders in the community and in business,”says Sheasgreen.“The ability to support and give back to the communities we live and work in is a privilege.  Each of us can make a difference and that is how great communities prosper.”Their philosophy of giving back to the community is reflected in their major sponsorships and donations to local events and charities including, but not limited to, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, the University of Alberta Landrex Distinguished Professorship in the Faculty of Arts, the University of Alberta Peter Lougheed Leadership College, MacEwan University’s Betty Andrews Recital Hall, the St. Albert Farmer’s Market, the Landrex Water Play Centre at Servus Place in St. Albert, and the Landrex Pavillion in Fort Saskatchewan’s Dow Centennial Centre.   “It is important for us to give back to the community because we can. We believe that we have a moral and ethical obligation to contribute to the communities that we live and work in,”adds Baran.


Landrex is unique in their industry, and Sheasgreen knows that their success is not simply reflected through the results on a balance sheet – but also on a strong foundation of quality relationships with a committed team, contractors, home builders, and valued homeowners. “We share goals with each of the contractors that contribute to the development of our communities and support each other in our successes. We would not be where we are today if it was not for the amazing teams that we work with,” says Sheasgreen.As part of their continuous improvement plan, Landrex will carry on with expansion and they are committed to constantly growing and improving in every facet of their business.  “We strive for steady growth into the future and are excited to explore new opportunities in multiple industries. We believe that land development is a platform for continued innovation and reinvention and we cannot wait to see where that takes us.”