Boasting an elite line-up of custom homes and distinctive designs – Sunset Homes is one of Calgary’s most respected builders.

At Sunset Homes, it’s never about volume, it’s always about value.  President Pedro Ocana believes that every home he builds, no matter the size, should be original, and aligned with the client’s interests and needs.  He founded the company with those values and he will never deviate from them.  “We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re committed to our clients,”Ocana says. “We don’t look at the number of homes we build; we look at the value of each home built.  And delivering value means delivering quality and client satisfaction.”

When building a custom home with Sunset Homes, clients can expect respectful customer service and an open, transparent experience.  Throughout the building process, they work with their clients to provide an outstanding finished product.  “Communication and efficiency are key,”says Ocana. Throughout the design phase and into construction, they provide their clients with industry and company approved platforms and applications that help streamline the communication process. “We educate our clients in how we build and inform them throughout the entire construction process,”he says.  “We are also a very efficient company and have an online construction management system, an online portal which provides our clients with access to key information pertaining to the progress of their project. This includes automatic reminders informing them of progress through expected timelines, online discussions with staff, and updated photos of the building process,”he states.


Sunset Homes is backed by a small but strong team of dedicated staff members, all of whom provide outstanding customer service. “We have the right team with the right attitude so we hire based on those principles to ensure we make sure we have a well-defined staff that develops solid relationships with our clients throughout their project,” Ocana says.

Sunset Homes also fosters strong relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, a significant number of whom have been with the company from the beginning working for both building custom homes and major renovations. “The relationships we have built with our trades and suppliers are vital, and we’ve been working with them for many years, so it’s great to have that confidence knowing the work is going to be done right and we have built trust,” Ocana says.  “It indicates to others that they do a quality job.”


Today, Sunset Homes boasts an extensive portfolio of custom, traditional, transitional and modern homes with footprints spanning from 2,000 to 2,700 square feet.  Sunset Homes has set themselves apart in the market with their excellence devoted to customer service, innovative design concepts, and superior workmanship – but it all starts with the design.  “Getting the design right from the outset is very important to building someone’s dream home. We take the time to really listen to our clients and we understand their needs, wants and vision,”Ocana says.

Sunset Homes never uses the same floorplan twice. Each home is designed to our client’s exact needs and they actually own their design. We offer them our partner designers and architects, and they also can bring their own designer with whom we work to grant that their design and budget are aligned. “If you walk in the door and tell us what kind of home you want, we can sketch it from scratch and go from there.”


With several projects underway, it’s important to always be looking to the future.  Moving forward, Ocana says their goal is to continue down the path they are already on – they want to continue to build high quality homes with satisfied and happy clients.   “In the last few years we have shown strong growth. We are now in the position to expand, our goal is to grow 25 percent a year for the next 2 years, then we will stay there for a few years to ensure our quality and workmanship remains intact.  With that said, it is clear that expectations have been set high for Sunset Homes as it embarks on its next stage of growth inCalgary.  With the right team in place, driven by their core values, the next stage of growth is right on the horizon.