Mezcon Construction is of the finest full service general contracting company in greater Guelph, and surrounding regions. 

Our reputation is founded on outstanding creative designs, meticulous attention to detail, and craftsmanship, delivered by a team of professionals whose experience and determination will provide you with exceptional value on budget, on time. 

Mr. Zach Fischer, has a passion and a vision, and in 2016 established “Mezcon Construction Limited”. Prior to starting Mezcon, Zach as a “Regional Construction Manager”, with a large owner/developer corporation, decided to utilize not only his accumulated ten years of experience, but at the same time fostered relationships with all the numerous sub-trades involved on various construction projects. Zach started as a residential home framer, and then transitioned to a role as Regional Construction Manager, specializing in high-rise, multi-residential and commercial projects. This opportunity allowed Zach to show his strength and dedication for excellence within the construction industry.“I had spent many years learning the trades and practices for large construction companies. At that point I realized, I had accepted responsibility for all key aspects; invoicing, site visits, client relations, sub-contractor site co-ordination, quoting. It was at that point I saw an opportunity to serve the industry, create a new paradigm of service, and reliability”. Zach goes on to say “I was loving my role at the corporation, but I was achieving someone else’s dream and not my own. During this period, at night and on weekends, my brother and I had really become interested in real estate and home renovations, with any spare moment we had. That is when we knew we had an intense passion for residential construction and renovations.”Family history and culture lives strong with the Fischer family, and Zach is quick to point out the importance of having family values and an entrepreneurial culture; with both traits proving to be productive in stabilizing the structure and dynamics of Mezcon.  “From a young age my brother and I were exposed to construction at both a commercial and residential level, and spent many summers and weekends helping our dad at construction sites and on different projects. What really stood out to me, was the work ethic that my parents had established in us. We were told“if there is nothing to do, pick up a broom and sweep the site,”this is when we learned the job is never done.  Zach goeson to say “we may not have appreciated all of these lessons at the time, but we certainly understood and appreciated it later in life. We were even permitted to drive a bulldozer in our early teens.!”


At Mezcon, their wealth of internal expertise means they can go above and beyond simply managing a job for a client – they help clients deliver projects on time and on budget, all while maintaining their core values of commitment, quality, and integrity.  These values shape the culture and define the character of their company. They guide how the company behaves, make decisions, and hire new employees and guide departments & employees to success.  Fischer takes these core values to heart and is reminded of them on a daily basis.  “Our core values are the pillars on which Mezcon is built,” he says.“Without integrity you really have nothing.  We are young entrepreneurs trying to live out our dream. It is the integrity we take to every discussion and relationship that we feel is most important.”

“Our other two core values of commitment and quality are also extremely important to make for a well-rounded company.  Commitment to our customers, team, and community means, we also carry out our promises with the upmost professionalism. We implement quality every day by assembling and empowering our team, who share the same passion and dedication to excellence that we do.”


Mezcon Construction commits themselves to the customer’s vision and works closely with them to create a product that combines the client’s personal interests and needs.  They ensure continual communication throughout the entire process and make every effort possible to ensure their client’s experience is stress-free.  “From day 1 in meeting with a client, we make sure that the client knows they can share with us their goals and any possible reservations they have. We feel a shared vision is ultimately the key factor to getting Mezcon and the client on the same page,” says Zach. “From there we work through budgets to make sure that also aligns with the client expectations, from that point forward we keep an open dialog with the clients until final delivery of the product.” 

Zach, credits Mezcon’s success to the knowledge, skills, experience and dedication of their team.   Many of Mezcon Constructions’ key partners have been working with them since the beginning. He says having those longstanding relationships is important, because it means everyone knows the quality that Mezcon Construction expects – and Zach can trust them to deliver that quality with every project.  “Our team of sub trades are imperative to our success.  They are the engine that makes the work come to life, many of these relationships have grown into a friendship,” he states. “We take the time with each of our trades or employees to sit over coffee or lunch and openly discuss the direction of the business.  We feel it’s important to share these goals with our trades but also to understand their goals and dreams, this way we can work cohesively to achieve everything.”


Some of Mezcon Construction’s notable projects span across multiple sectors and at any one moment, they may be working on several projects – including custom homes for first time buyers, and higher-end homes for more seasoned buyers.  Mezcon clients are building a lifestyle.  There are no limits to what Fischer and his team can design into a home. “We are a Tarion builder of infill, subdivision and estate homes, with a passion for historic home restoration and additions.  We can adapt to whatever a client needs.  I take a lot of pride in taking time with the design and architectural features of the house and its surroundings,” he says.  “I want to make sure if I’m working on an infill project, that it best suits the existing character of a neighbourhood, all while providing the comforts and amenities expected of a modern home.” 

Mezcon also offers design and building services across light commercial building sectors and investment ranges – anything from retail, clinical, and government office renovations. Zach’steam keeps tight controls on timeframes, standards of service and attention to detail that can get lost with bigger companies, often enabling the Mezcon team to surpass their quality, service, timeframes and budget demands.  “We are currently working on a design-build for a 9,800 square foot office fit up space. It’s an existing warehouse/factory, so we’re building an entire office fit up with 24 offices, 4 boardrooms, with a spacious foyer.”  Their goal is to create a space that not only houses their clients business but also reflects and markets their core mission and purpose.


Mezcon Construction is mindful of the future, and they are always attentive to upcoming trends and market conditions.  With southwestern Ontario’s population growing steadily and a demand for quality builders on the rise, it’s reassuring to know that Mezcon Construction is dedicated to setting the new standard of building and client services.  Looking toward the future, Zach plans to continue his marketplace expansion throughout Guelph and surrounding areas, while still committing to the original values that made the company successful.  “Our Mezcon housing brand is growing and we are looking forward to going into full development of Greenfield and restoration sites,” Zach states.  “Our 5-year plan is to become the region’s most adaptable infill and small-medium subdivision builder. We are also starting to get involved with multi residential building, which is looking to be the way of the future, due to the affordability of single detached housing, which has become challenging for younger generations.” With an eye for detail and a dedication to their core values, Mezcon Construction has established a strong brand name that will continue to flourish as the years pass by.  Given the company’s remarkable work ethic, commitment to clientele, and dedication to their craft, we can expect to see Mezcon remain at the top of its industry for a very long time.