Bartek Construction Ltd. stands as a success in the construction world through its commitment to client relationships and project efficiency.

There aren’t too many things you can build that Bartek Construction Ltd. doesn’t have experience doing.  A Surrey-based construction company, they’re very multi-functional.  In fact, Bartek Construction Ltd. is a full service Commercial and Residential contractor, design-build, project management, consulting and construction management company since 2010.

According to President Bartek Farafoszyn, the company’s abilities of quality craftsmanship, amazing service and attention to fine detail are interconnected – establishing a personal connection with their clients, and having a team of skilled employees, all lead to excellent overall value for each homeowner. At Bartek Construction, their wealth of internal expertise means they can go above and beyond simply managing a job for a client.  With a large in-house skilled labour force helping deliver projects on time, they are able to maintain the key ingredient that defines their company beliefs.  “The most important core value within our company is to create the type of environment where everyone is treated equally,” Farafoszyn states.  “We want to ensure that all of our staff; from labourers, carpenters, project manager, site superintendents and clients all have a professional workplace that operates in a productive manner.”

This measurable standard and adherence to it establishes the backbone of Bartek Construction’s operations and lay the very foundation of how they define excellence on their projects.  It provides a roadmap for their decisions and a benchmark for their actions that allows them to cover all facets of the project from inception to delivery.  Because of this, they have carved a niche in delivering a wide range of diverse projects in several industry sectors.  “We don’t have a minimum project size, but our commercial projects can range anywhere from $300,000 to $15 million,” says Farafoszyn. “We treat every project – regardless of size and value – the same.  On the residential side we build homes ranging anywhere from $1 million to $5 million and above.   Every home we build will have the same level of attention to detail and quality.”


When it comes to setting themselves apart from other contractors, Farafoszyn credits the personalized attention, the team’s strong ability to listen, and flexibility during the construction project as key components in the marketplace.  “The personal connection with every one of our clients is vital.  It allows us to customize our contracts and our designs for each specific client.   Everyone’s needs are different, and we see ourselves as partners with our client,” he states. “When we work together with our clients and they succeed, then we have lifelong clients.  So, at the end of the day we’re upfront, we’re honest, we’re fair, and our goal is for all our projects to be successful so we can have a growing relationship with our partners.” 

On a related note, Farafoszyn adds “Getting through the entire job with little or no changes in the contract price is ideal, so we invest as much as possible in the proposal phase so we can almost immediately identify anything the client may not have realized they needed to include in the project scope.” Considering no two buildings are identical, Bartek Construction takes its time working with the client to fully understand the specific project objectives.   Only then does the company create a package that includes conceptual design, committed price and an achievable construction schedule.  “We have a multi-level design-build process which will ensure the client is getting the best pricing possible.  We break it up into a few stages where we engage with the client for their design and to obtain the building permit. We do the whole process for them. They engage with us on a design contract, we complete drawings, and then finally, we engage in a construction contract with them.  Doing it this way allows us to have one architectural designer in house and then everything else is strategic partnerships with engineers and design firms. The people that work with us are always getting the best of the best.”

As a design builder, Bartek Construction offers a process for creating and managing all of the information about a project through the use of BIM [Building Information Modeling] that contains digital descriptions for every aspect of the physical project. “BIM helps us streamline our projects.  With everything from estimating costs to safety planning and implementation. If I want to know what my concrete volume is going to be, or how many nails or screws we need, we can enter it in the building system and it’ll let us know.  Not everyone can look at a 2D blue print and make sense of it so by giving our clients the option of 3D renderings we can break it down to exactly what the project will look like; right down to the finishes. This provides our clients a full walk through of the project, allowing them to make more informative decisions,” Farafoszyn says.


The culture at Bartek Construction is one of unwavering commitment to collaboration, personalization, and a dedication to customer service.  Making all of those separate aspects work together as a team is absolutely crucial to fulfilling the company’s vision, and everyone on board works hard to meet that commitment.  “Our team is the foundation of our business.  We have a structure that really encourages collaboration and if you’re missing one thing, the overall project can suffer.  Each member of our team is just as important as the next,” says Farafoszyn.  “The culture in our company is a team-mentality, everybody is a key team member and we all have mutual respect for each other.”

Bartek’s level of commitment and dedication doesn’t end with its clients and employees, they also foster relationships with their trades and sub-contractors, making for a more efficient and effective completion of any given project. “Our relationships with our trades is integral to our success.  The team that has been with me for a long term are treated like family. Everyone is willing to step up, help and take care of one other,” he adds.


With so much project diversity, Farafoszyn has had great opportunities to get involved with some interesting projects. “On the residential side we’re building an 8000 sq. foot custom homes near High Point, and on the commercial side, we’re in the early design stages for a new $5-6 million facility for Safetek so we should get started on that project soon.” 

“An exciting project we recently finished was the clubhouse for Area 27, a private members Grand Prix circuit co-owned by Jacques Villeneuve in Oliver, BC.  We only had 10 months to complete the project, which was ridiculously quick, but we worked together to collaborate and create the best possible clubhouse for them,” he says. 

Farafoszyn is an active member of Area 27 and is quite the racing aficionado himself.  He is quick to point out the similarities between the world of motorsports and the world of business – parallels that give direction to entrepreneurs who are trying to succeed on the playing field of economics.  “The intention to work hard, have the ability to stay focused on the task at hand, and have dedication for what you do is essential in both fields that gives you an edge over the competition,” he states.  “The real work comes in shaving off the last tenth of a second to be in the number one spot.  It means endless determination to keep striving for absolute perfection and that’s the way we look at our business.  We’ve gotten over the original hurdle of becoming a reputable and established company – now we fight for that last tenth of a second.” 

Moving forward, Bartek Construction will continue to invest in its exciting future. While the construction market in British Columbia continues to grow steadily, Bartek chooses to grow organically by realistic increments. This is due to their desire to continue with their hands-on approach and always remaining personally involved in each and every project.  “We’ve transitioned from being just a general contractor to being the actual developer. This has lead us to buy 4 acres of land out in Abbotsford, B.C. and were building 3 Tilt Ups Warehouses.  We’ve been able to transition more into the developer while still being the project manager and construction management company,” Farafoszyn states.  “We’ve grown every year over the last 10 years.  Looking ahead another 5 years we should be double or triple the size of our capacity.”  Bartek Construction has established a strong brand name that continues to flourish through dedication to their craft, an outstanding work ethic and ongoing commitment to clients. We can expect to see Bartek Construction remain at the top of its industry for a long time.