Southport Builders Niagara is well-known throughout the Niagara region as a premier builder of prestigious custom homes. With 3 generations of building experience, the company has never lost sight of their values, and is regarded as one of the most trusted and respected names in the industry.


Southport Builders Niagara began as many building companies do, as a small family business.  General Manager Jon Wiens was born into a family of builders with his grandfather Abram Wiens and father Dave Wiens, both establishing themselves in the construction industry.  Family history and culture lives strong with the Wiens family, and Jon is quick to point out the importance of having family values and an entrepreneurial culture; that have proven to be productive in stabilizing the structure and dynamics of the firm.

“I think being a third generation builder has had a major influence in shaping the company’s organizational culture, which is informed by our core values of honesty, passion, and integrity,” says Wiens. “It started with my grandfather who immigrated from Russia to South America in the early 1930’s, and spent his youth in Paraguay. There he completed his carpentry apprenticeship. After many years of working as a farmer and a carpenter, he relocated his family to Alberta where he began framing homes with his sons. When another move brought him to the Niagara region, he transitioned into finish carpentry and my father took over the trim operations.”

 From there, the husband and wife team of Dave and Debbie Wiens established Dave Wiens Construction – a contracting and framing company in 1988, and built a reputation based on quality construction and expert craftsmanship. By 2007, the company was firmly established and they were ready for a new challenge. “During that time, I had gained lots of experience between owning my own framing company and working in the building materials supply industry, and started to have conversations with my dad about joining forces and creating a partnership. Dave Wiens Construction was a well respected framing company and we then created Southport Builders Niagara in 2007 to pursue new opportunities.”

 Establishing a strong sense of identity is vital for Southport’s success, and Wiens defines success not in financial terms, but by sustaining a unified sense of family connection and developing competency and leadership in each new generation that will take the family forward.  “A huge part of who we are is family.  This whole company was started as a family project.  To this day, my parents and I work very closely together and we all have this company’s best interest at heart and we are invested in defining the core values that our clients will see when they work with us.”


Today, Southport Builders Niagara specializes in building uniquely-styled custom homes and has gained a reputation for producing top quality homes with a personalized touch.  They have a history of providing their customers with creative and detailed building solutions that are flawlessly executed by their team of skilled professionals, earning the company plenty of accolades over the years. “The greatest response we can get is if the customer is happy with their new home, that’s all that really matters,” Wiens states. “I’ve received testimonials from clients that state how well organized and prepared we are, and how much of a pleasure it was working with us.  For us, it’s about delivering a quality product that our clients can be extremely proud of.”

 Southport’s homes’ feature a look of modern design and polished detail.  They have built from an extensive selection of home designs that accommodate various lifestyles and price points. Wiens and his team take their time working with clients to fully understand the specific project objectives. Only then does the company create a package with efficient budgeting, and an achievable construction schedule. “Every home is different.  Every home is custom built to how the client wants it.  You can bring us your own plans, or we can start from scratch and help you design your own custom built home,” says Wiens.


The Lofts at Rodman Hall are an exclusive community of just 3 luxury townhomes facing the historic Rodman Hall Arts Centre in St Catharines’ highly desirable cultural neighborhood.  Designs range from 1,824 to 2020 square feet and feature impressive open concept kitchen and living areas, 10 ft. ceilings, great rooms, formal living and dining rooms, library/office, spacious walk-in-closets and luxurious master ensuites. Visit for more information.

“People love wide open living spaces and grand entrances, and The Lofts at Rodman Hall have extra living space in the loft overlooking the main floor to create views of the 20 foot ceilings and it feels very open,” says Wiens. You can also enjoy the incredible views of Rodman Hall from your Terrace off the second floor.”

Exteriors feature a unique streetscape design with stone and engineered wood siding, 50-year fibre glass architectural shingles, and dramatic designer glass doors that provide a modern look and feel. Inside these homes, homebuyers will be pleased to discover all the modern comforts and conveniences one would expect in a high-end family residence such as hardwood floors throughout, oak stairs, and granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. Year-round, homeowners enjoy being within close proximity to a wide variety of dining, shopping, entertainment, cultural and sporting attractions. Southport is focused on creating a vibrant look and welcoming atmosphere that adds lasting value to the community.


Southport has also earned a solid reputation for creating strong and lasting partnerships with their immediate team and sub trades. They do this by utilizing only the highest quality local partners – the majority of whom have been with the company since it started.  “Our key partners understand what our needs are, and what our client’s needs are,” says Wiens. “I think having a consistent relationship with the same trades and vendors is extremely important and I would say I’m extremely loyal as far as who we use.” Wiens credits those positive relationships to the company’s policy of complete transparency and honesty. Strong relationships with trades and suppliers are just as critical as strong relationships with clients. Their partners pay those efforts back in loyalty, and in willingness to put in the time, effort and dedication to maintain Southport’s standards of excellence. “The more you deal with the same people over and over and build those relationships, a certain amount of trust comes into play and a certain amount of understanding that you wouldn’t get from vendors and trades that are constantly cycled through, so that’s extremely important in how we operate.”


As a builder, Southport believes in taking responsibility for the communities they are building.  And in speaking with Wiens about their key partnerships throughout the region, this is certainly a company that operates with a clear vision, not only of building quality homes, but in developing quality communities.

“We’ve been involved in Habitat for Humanity for over 20 years, and my father has served on the Habitat Niagara’s Board of Directors.  Whenever Habitat needs us to frame a new project in the Niagara area, we are committed to the cause,” says Wiens.

Wiens recognizes that their achievements would not have been possible without the support of their community, so he takes great pride in giving back for old and new causes close to home. “To see families in need get a home is a great feeling for us. We’re passionate to see people have that experience that we so often take for granted.  We will continue to frame for Habitat for years to come.”


 Southport is mindful of the future, and they are always attentive to upcoming trends and market conditions. With the Niagara and surrounding areas’ population growing steadily and a demand for quality home builders on the rise, it’s reassuring to know that Southport Builders Niagara is dedicated to setting the new standard of building and client services.

Wiens isn’t planning to expand from the current output of 5-10 homes each year. He is comfortable with his staff size and wants to be sure to maintain the company’s quality. “We want to stay very custom, because that’s our passion. We see ourselves staying involved in mid to high end custom builds, additions and renovations,” he states.

The company’s current goal is straightforward – to be the home builder of choice in the Niagara Region. They plan to do this through emphasizing their absolute professionalism, creativity, commitment to the client, and their dedication to producing effective results. Southport’s goal is to never sit still or get too comfortable. “The building code is really on a steep upswing so we see ourselves staying up to date with all the changes as they come.  Within the next 10-15 years the building code is going to require us to build net zero ready homes. We will educate our clients and build more energy efficient homes and stay ahead of that curve,” Wiens says. Southport continues to refine their designs, streamline their construction process and substantiate their commitment to a superior building experience that their clients deserve.