For more than a 100 years, Starward Homes has prided itself on its history, its family and its people. Bolstered by their core values of integrity, customer service, and teamwork, they are the benchmark for quality and value demonstrated by a responsive and professional homebuilder.

Starward Homes, a leading residential builder and developer based in Hamilton, Ontario, specializes in single family homes, condominiums, and sophisticated lifestyle townhomes. The company has built a strong reputation for quality homebuilding based on inspired craftsmanship and sound construction experience.  Led by 4thgeneration President Brandon Campbell, Starward Homes continues to grow and pursue a number of engaging building projects throughout Southern Ontario.  When speaking with Director of Marketing Sandra de Leeuw, she doesn’t hesitate to express the core value that separates Starward from the rest of the competition. “As a leadership principle, the importance of integrity cannot be overstated.  It’s what this company was built on,” she states.  “We have tremendous pride and compassion for our home owners and we have always incorporated integrity into the core fabric of our company.  It’s a collective effort; from our clients, our team, our trade partners.  At the end of the day this business is about people.  Delivering that integrity is such an important principle.”

With Southern Ontario’s population experiencing steady growth each year over the past ten years, the challenge to develop housing solutions is a priority in communities across the region.  Starward Homes has accepted this challenge and has stepped up to provide a solution as an industry leader.  They are on a journey to the forefront of the residential building industry.  De Leeuwbelieves exceptionally built homes – leading edge design, quality craftsmanship and an eye to evolving community needs –   are the heart of strong communities.  “With each project we use the highest possible standards, focusing on quality and the latest in design technology convenience, creating communities that represent the lifestyle sought out by today’s modern family,” she says.  “Choosing well thought out locations with access to all the current amenities rounds out the experience of communities our clients ‘love to live in’.”


It all started when Edward Ratcliffe emigrated to Canada from England and took advantage of Hamilton’s emergence as an industrial city.  Housing was a priority, and Ratcliffe built his first house on Cannon Street in the north central section of Hamilton under E.B. Ratcliffe Builder in 1906.  As Edward developed a name for himself, it became evident that his personal commitment to the building industry would be unsurpassed. His vision for honesty and dedication were continued by his daughter Bettina and her husband Charlie Campbell, who became leaders in their own right under the name Abbotsford Homes.

Ward Campbell took over as president of the company in 1979 and with sister Lydia and her husband, Jan Szostak, the trio formed Starward Homes as a successor to Abbotsford.  Today, the family business spans four generations under Brandon Campbell who carries the tradition and commitment of building homes the only way they know how – with a complete and total focus on turning dreams into reality.


 At the core of Starward Homes continued success is the company’s deep commitment to listening to and incorporating even the simplest of needs of their customers.  The longevity and sustainability of their company is a true testament to the commitment of many people, and their collective effort to continue to anticipate, meet, and exceed the expectations of their homeowners. “Team work is the linchpin of everything, so it’s a very collaborative approach,” de Leeuw says. “Every company needs to have a great team that strongly believes in the vision.  We have a bi-weekly project meeting with all the heads of our departments in attendance. We make sure that the entire company understands what’s going on, from the genesis of the idea, to the marketing and sales, and production and delivery.” This type of efficient pre-planning avoids delays at future points in the building process.  That extra dedication is almost unheard of and is certainly one of the key factors that make Starward Homes stand out from the crowd.   Building valuable and lasting relationships is important to Starward Homes when it comes to their trades and sub-contractors – that’s the only way to ensure consistent quality and efficiency.  “Our trades are key to our success, we have carefully chosen all of our partners and believe we have some of the best quality trades that can be found.  They are loyal to us, and we are loyal to them and we always work together to create a plan that makes sense for everybody involved,” says de Leeuw.


Starward Homes strives for balance between the design and the needs of the market, making sure that while the designs remain unique and creative, they do not infringe on the fabric of the neighbourhoods and skyline of the city.  The firm does not simply focus on providing singularly best, most original and lavish designs, but considers the skyline as a whole, introducing suitable designs into the fabric of the city and each community.  “We definitely tailor the architecture to the specific project we are working on,” de Leeuwstates. “With a contemporary and modern approach, we design functional homes for those customers looking for something different and sophisticated.”  Offering clean lines, spacious kitchens, open layouts and abundant natural light,Starward Homes understands the characteristics of creating a diverse set of elements to create personalized spaces and homes. Home owners are looking for options to express their diversity in their homes.  We always ask ourselves, what do people want?  People want beautiful homes with all the modern conveniences. They want creative design using gorgeous yet durable materials with high functionality…and our communities offer a combination of all those things.”


Starward Homes recognizes that each and every individual, or family has particular preferences and needs for their living space and has created a uniquely customizable purchasing process to ensure that customer’s homes are built to their satisfaction and suit their particular lifestyle.  The company offers several developed communities, each with their own look and feel.  In addition to changes in design, each community is located near unique resources and recreational opportunities.

One of the Starward Homes’ projects that seems to be generating a lot of buzz is the new community – Parkview at River Mill in Cambridge.  This exclusive collection of two-storey townhomes will consist of 82 units ranging from 1400-1800 sq. ft.  starting at $439,999.  River Mill, the master community, is designed to celebrate and honour the landscape it graces with an emphasis on healthy living and connections to nature.  “We always get excited about developing an entire community and River Mill is a combination of new homes, an adult lifestyle community and  a mixed-use area,” says de Leeuw.  “This will be a connected community with schools, restaurants, and several parks and greenspaces that support the outdoor lifestyle with biking and walking trails.”

Another community getting significant attention is Chedoke Heights, coming in the Spring of 2019 to the Hamilton west mountain. With a two-phase launch, of collectively 211 bungalofts and executive towns, this community represents an important aspect of Hamilton’s history in providing healing to TB patients yet is excited to be an integral part of Hamilton’s future, bringing together families from all walks of life.

153 Wilson West rounds out the lifestyle choice for retiring couples and downsizing families. As a new luxury low-rise development with 76 beautiful one and two-bedroom condo suites, the building is designed specifically to highlight the magnificent architecture that makes the Ancaster Village so charming and sought-after. With an eye to the needs of downsizing families and professionals, Starward put a great deal of emphasis on designing a building that provides lifestyle options, from 652 sq. ft suites to 2075 sq. ft, all with outdoor living spaces and gorgeous interior amenity living spaces.

Complementing this project is our almost sold out Scenic Trails on the Hamilton west mountain, another of our condo communities providing choice to families that are downsizing but also new homebuyers looking to get into the market.


Starward Homes continues to be committed to honing their expertise and continues to strive for excellence in the home building industry. This reputation was hard earned and is still very much the focus of the Campbell family and their team“We are really proud of our strong past and excited about where we’re headed,” saysde Leeuw. “We’re not just looking behind us, we’re seeing what’s changing in the world and how can we deliver what the current and future modern family is looking for in a way that doesn’t make them just like their home, but love their home and the community they’re living in.”

Moving forward, de Leeuw says the company will continue to pursue new ideas and innovations aligned with their key beliefs.  “We’ve invested in a lot of landand we’re excited by the opportunity to plan, develop and create communities that will not just meet but exceed the needs of today’s modern family,” she states. With that said, it’s clear that expectations have been set high for Starward Homes as it embarks on its next stage of growth in Southern Ontario.  With the right team in place, a commitment to innovation and a legacy of quality and integrity as the foundation, the next stage of growth is just the beginning.