Montreal’s Repentigny Cultural Space has unveiled the Alphonse-Desjardins Theatre, which features a 350-seat variable configuration hall for classical music performances. The theatre was designed by FABG architects.

From the observatory terrace you can see the surrounding cultural complex, including a cemetery, the Purification church, the river, Lebel Island, thematic gardens, and the Diane-Dufresne Art Centre. Roof panels made of cross-laminated wood cover the terrace at night, which marks the place’s identity within the new urban park.

All of these exhibit strategies are geared towards maximizing interaction within an outdoor area which extends the interior. The terrace is an observation deck, the staircase is a bleacher, the hall is largely windowed, and the entrance is adorned with a marquee.

The foyer of the configuration room is an open, double-volume space, which includes a stepped staircase to facilitate informal occupation and complementary activities. It features an acoustic resonator composed of vertical medium-density fiberboard (MDF) slats spaced and arranged in front of rock wool panels, covered with black geotextile fabric. With this device, you can maintain the acoustics of the room, while preventing unwanted echoes or excess reverberation in amplified performances.

Designed by FABG architects, the Alphonse-Desjardins Theatre offers a 350-seat variable configuration room and provides a prominent space for classical music performances. Photo courtesy Steve Montpetit