From modern residential condominiums to historic building conversions, Fusioncorp Developments Inc. is bringing to life some of the Southern Ontario’s most ambitious developments.  From concept to construction, the company’s boutique operating model allows it to support every aspect of a project’s development journey with trademark reliability and attention-to-detail.  We got a chance to catch up with Founder and CEO Nick Ainis to talk about Fusioncorp’s dedication to client service, and how they implement innovation and new technologies into their projects.

From the foundation to the final touches, what is the best thing about your job?

Perfecting our process and delivering a product that the client is happy with.  The construction industry is challenging, and our objective is to perfect our processes and procedures in everything we do.  From business development, concept and initiation, planning, execution, performance/monitoring, and project close.  We are trying to continuously improve all aspects of what we do to enhance project efficiency all the while creating a beautiful product.

What is your background, and previous experience before Fusioncorp?

I have a Bachelor of Technology degree in Architectural Science and Project Management, from Ryerson University.  In 2000, I worked on my first project with Shiu Pong Developments on their Maxus condominium project in Yorkville.  I gained more experience as a high-rise residential project manager working with Intracorp and Cresford Developments.  I learned a lot managing those projects and ventured out on my own around 2005.

What are some of the services Fusioncorp offers to clients?

We have an extensive portfolio of services that vary depending on the project type and stage. Everything from concept development, budgeting, development management, preconstruction to construction and project management.

What makes Fusioncorp stand out from other builders in your market?

Being a boutique firm, we have more personable relationships with our clients. It’s hard to stand out as a company in a market like Toronto.  The only way to really stand out is to do something a little different.  Building trust is something we take seriously, and we’re always open and transparent with our clients to ensure a streamline build.  We’re recognized for being a very ‘hands-on’ company and are very engaged in our projects and take pride in assuring that we are providing great service.  Since we have extensive experience in the construction and development of residential midrise buildings, we can bring that knowledge and add value to any project.

Can you tell us about your key team and how you work together to deliver a project on time and on budget?

It’s so important to hire the right people for every aspect of the project.   You start with your senior project managers that provide team leadership for the project and motivate other team members to meet project goals and meet milestones.  Having great site superintendents is vital in managing project schedules and monitoring the trade work and general progress of the overall construction.  The quality of the final project depends heavily on the workmanship of the subcontractors.  So, it is important to find and hire skilled and reliable subcontractors and to manage them effectively. I personally go to the sites and meet with the site superintendents and subcontractors to identify any challenges or issues and collaborate on how we can solve them.  

What are some of the challenges building in the GTA?

Working through the pandemic certainly added to the challenges with labour, material, and supply shortages but we adapted and continued.  The challenges we all face in the industry is more with the constraints at all levels of regulating authorities.  We need governments and municipalities to work closely with our industry.  You hear about the focus on affordable housing, yet they don’t contribute to affordable housing and its getting more expensive and difficult to build thus no longer affordable. You see and encounter roadblocks and more challenges in our industry and it’s not helping.  There’s also a need for change and innovation in the industry and some of the construction methods, systems and procedures haven’t been changed in decades.  The whole system needs to be updated to help make it easier to do our jobs and build.

How are you embracing innovation and new technologies into your projects?

We use a number of different programs for the construction process including project management software for accessing our files on the go, or for sharing content with colleagues.  BIM has been part of our design process for several years, and we use project management software which enables us to simplify submittals, manage tracking reports and create effective safety management planning.  The system helps us to collaborate and unite office and field teams from the design phase to the construction phase and into operations.  

The pandemic has pushed the use of technology into the mainstream so we’ve adopted remote monitoring and working that helps our staff improve quality and work efficiencies.

What are some of your current projects?

We have several projects at different stages of production. We are currently working on a new wood framed panelized condominium project with MacPherson Builders in Collingwood called The View.  In Whitby, we are working on the Harbour Ten10 total precast condominium project with Castle Group Developments. We also have the Terrasse Condo project on Kingston Rd. in Toronto with Sunrise Gate Homes.  We have a number of projects in the pipeline throughout the province, from the Niagara region, to Belleville, and up to Georgian Bay.  There are a lot of emerging markets outside of the city of Toronto and we are encouraged to be a part of some new growth opportunities.

Where do you see Fusioncorp 10-20 years from now?

We are a progressive company, so I see us taking on larger projects in the high-rise residential market.  We want to be the company that clients can rely on.  We are also looking at several opportunities to build our own projects and have plans to move forward with those. We always plan to be at the forefront of new emerging technologies with a focus on innovation and sustainable construction practices.