Right from the inception of INFINITI MASTER BUILDER, Principals James Dyer, Greg Stearns, Graham Rogers, and Marina Plewes had a vision; they wanted to build custom, high-quality houses for families searching for their dream homes.  From the beginning, they decided that to do this, and to be successful, they would have to first build their company on a foundation of honesty and integrity.

“INFINITI MASTERBUILT has a simple philosophy:   High quality and fine craftsmanship should be expected in every home.” says Stearns. We focus on the experience of building a home, and making that experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

INFINITI have been able to achieve this by creating a close knit team with shared talents and responsibilities across the board, and whose goal is to always deliver the best quality on budget and on time.  As far as their commitment to improve business management, construction theory and leadership skills, Dyer, Stearns, and Plewes are long standing graduates with The Professional Home Builders Institute, and all have their accredited Master Home Builder (PHBIA) Designation, and Rogers is a Construction Engineering Technologist.  The company philosophy for certified education and training is essential.  Their Designer Draftsman is in the midst of completing the courses to become a Master Builder, and their lead sales representative is a Certified New Homes Sales Professional.   INFINITI values continuing education as it keeps them apprised of new developments in the industry and is a key indicator of the home builder’s credibility.


Building throughout the greater Edmonton area, INFINITI MASTER BUILDER constructs 10-12 custom homes a year with a focus on acreage building where they can concentrate their efforts in building dream homes. INFINITI focuses on tailoring each build to each individual client, whether building 12 homes or 24 homes each year.  Their preference is to continue doing what they are doing now – in other words: what works.

When it comes to providing why INFINITI is different from other custom builders in this field, INFINITI points to a personal touch they offer.  Unlike other companies, everyone is a person, not a number“We pay as much attention to a 500k home as we do to a multi-million dollar home.” says Plewes.

The custom homes that INFINITI builds utilize unique technological practices and building sciences.  With new products being introduced, INFINITI is constantly studying and finding new solutions and products they accredit will result in more energy efficient homes.  INFINITI is at the forefront of building technology that utilizes a new Graphisoft 3D rendering tool so clients may explore their new home via this cutting edge platform before they even start.  As a member of Built Green, INFINITI is committed to building homes that have a low impact on the environment while also providing cost savings and healthier living.


When individuals choose INFINITI they become partners as much as they become clients; the principals work side by side with their client to ensure a clear understanding of their dream home.  Trade and supplier partners have been hand-picked by the INFINITI team – each with a track record of outstanding craftsmanship and customer service.  “The client’s experience begins when they first enter an INFINITI home, when we begin to build a relationship with our clients.” says Plewes. Recognizing the need for constant communication throughout all phases of the building and planning process is key to their success. ”Based on the many years of building estate homes and recognizing the points where clients may need more attention choosing selections or making decisions, we have created specific steps and an organized process to help the client in each step of the journey.”

INFINITI’s system involves the clients, while still maintaining a safe and productive work site.  The clients receive access to a portal on the INFINITI website, which displays photos of the home as it is built, all of the documents and selections, as well as a Home Owner Guidebook which describes each step of the process and home maintenance information.  “We do everything to make this an enjoyable experience for the customer” says Dyer.


INFINITI MASTER BUILDER is expanding into luxurious community of the Estates of Granville, one of the only Estate areas in Edmonton’s west end.  “Our spectacular new show home will open in June 2013.” says Plewes.  “We are excited to present a portfolio of what INFINITI has to offer its clients.” Their vision is to grow as a team of professionals whose culture sets the industry benchmark.  They view each client, and their project as their “best project,” and they as a team all work towards delivering that vision.

On her desk Marina keeps a quote from another famous builder, Ole Kirk Christiansen, the founder of LEGO TM -“Every detail matters and only the best is good enough.”   Inspirational words leading to truly inspired homes.

Based on their track record, business model and projected growth, it isn’t hard to believe they will do just that.