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  • Project management models
  • Innovative products and system solutions
  • Smart home technology
  • Upcoming communities
  • Building partner collaborations
  • Sustainable building initiatives

Toronto’s Percy Ellis on why walkable cities are the key to smart growth.

According to James Burton, social health and interpersonal relationships are front of mind when starting a new project. “Our buildings are at a scale that is more suitable for friendships, and friendly conversation.  We’re building portions of the hallway wider, open spaces for storage that builds trust within our tenants, and common areas allowing residents to comfortably interact.”

Why St. Albert’s Boudreau Communities are investing in Live-Work-Play communities.

Building Live-Work-Play communities is the core focus for Dave Haut and the Boudreau team.  “Our better way to live philosophy  is to create communities where each life is lived to the fullest.  It really is about a better quality of life.  There’s such a vibrancy to mixed-use communities when you can blend residential, business, and retail in a pedestrian-friendly communities.”

Crescent Homes sets the standard of building high quality homes in Southwestern Ontario.

President Nitin Jain joins us to discuss their creative and innovative designs, their wider selection of interior choices and sound building processes.  “When I bought my first home, I was pleased that the builder came to the site and inspected the house himself.  That meant a lot.  I always remembered that and when I started Crescent Homes, I wanted to make sure I did the same.  I haven’t missed a home inspection since we started.”