Algra Bros.’ Developments is a vertically integrated development company with the long-term goal of creating housing solutions, which take into account the increasingly complex issues society faces.  This means being an active participant in finding solutions for all issues facing the industry including affordable housing, sustainable design and construction practices, land use issues accompanying urban sprawl and the limited housing choices buyers have.

Algra Bros. Developments builds homes throughout the Lower Mainland, with a strategic focus in the Fraser Valley.   The company was founded by brothers Peter, David, and Philip Algra; each offering a unique skill set to the company.  Peter, the eldest of the Algra brothers, started framing homes at a young age.  His pursuit of superior building methods led him to complete a drafting diploma, after which he attained a bachelor’s in philosophy and finally a master’s degree from Cornell University. David’s interest in land development began when he sub-divided his own city lot. His new interest and personable attitude resulted in good relationships with local land developers. He was soon kept busy as a full-time consultant, overseeing the establishment and growth of many successful projects. Philip, the youngest of the Algra Bros. principals, has worked in the construction industry since high school where he worked on a framing crew. His experience in construction, attention to detail and organizational skills are put to good use as the controller of the company. Between the three brothers, they have learnt all aspects of the business from the ground up.

Their hands on approach to everything they do even includes being available every Friday (during showhome hours) at one of their showhomes to answer any questions potential buyers may have.

Peter, Dave and Phil have built their company based on one simple goal: “We strive to think outside the box in an industry plagued with ‘cookie cutter’ solutions.” says Dave.

Algra Bros. Developments does things a bit different…


Algra Bros. has grown as a company and now includes full design, construction, sales and land development services.  All aspects are managed by an in house team of site supervisors, an office manager, and sales and design teams. Each and every team member brings a depth of skill and knowledge to their roles. “By collectively working as a team in every aspect of our business we are able to react to industry trends and buyers needs faster than depending on outsourced support.” explains Dave.

Algra Bros. also manages its own investment group which allows them to fund their own projects and build better solutions to the housing issues in the Fraser Valley; including affordable housing, sustainable design and construction practices, land use issues accompanying urban sprawl to the limited housing choices buyers have.

The brother’s experience, creativity and attention to detail are evident in every home they build.  Coupled with a strong foundation, Algra Bros. has a solid history with, and access to the best trades people and services available.  Strong partnerships with vendors and trades have created an invaluable network of highly skilled workers who consistently exceed industry standards in the construction of every Algra Bros. home.  “The wealth of industry knowledge of our trades is second to none, their experience and knowledge ensures our homes are built to not only exceed building standards but meet Algra Bros.’ building standards,” proclaims Phil.  With their shared business acumen and complimentary expertise, the Algra Bros. team have been leading the company to steady growth and new opportunities.


Algra Bros.’ homes are designed to function beautifully. The design team, led by Peter, design each home based on its specific location (lot size and slopes, views, orientation and surrounding areas). “We don’t have templates and simply put them on any lot they will fit,” explains Peter. “Every house is designed to take full advantage of its location and achieve the highest possible use of the land.”

When it comes to the interior design of their homes, furniture placement, traffic patterns, storage and daily living play an important role in the home’s layout. Kitchens are designed not only for cooking but for family gatherings and entertaining; Living rooms comfortably fit a full set of furniture; Dining rooms are designed for every day use but have the ability to seat dinner for 10; and rear entrance mudrooms are a must in the Fraser Valley with rain coats and boots needed throughout most of the year.

Because not every family needs a 3-bedroom home, Algra Bros. design and build a variety of homes including rancher style homes, 2-story homes, detached single family homes, duplexes, fee-simple row homes, townhomes, apartments and fully accessible homes. Their portfolio of home designs includes something for everyone.

This way of thinking is what sets Algra Bros. above the rest.


Algra Bros. is committed to creating customer satisfaction built around better housing solutions.  They strive to design and build homes that are livable, rather than homes that are sellable. The Algra Bros. design team and construction trades are as important in customer satisfaction as their sales team. “To us, customer satisfaction is designing and building a home where the home owner doesn’t need to upgrade anything,” states Peter. “It’s when our buyers don’t need to call us until their one year follow-up.”

“I purchased my Algra Bros home because it felt like it was a well built home,” describes Chris Bertram, Algra Bros.’ homeowner. “Now after a year, I know it is a well built home. I appreciate the design details that Algra Bros. include even more than when I bought the house. Who knew a mud room would be so important?”


Algra Bros. is able to ensure that all of their projects are built to the highest of standards by utilizing their in-house development, design and construction management abilities. In addition all construction trades follow strict guidelines to ensure each home is built using Algra Bros construction methods.

Their unique approach to building construction balances land use and building applications with modern aesthetics and environmental impact. Detailed and solid planning is a vital part of any successful construction project, and they strive to leave a positive impression on their clients and communities.

Their dedication to design and superior construction processes earned Algra Bros. a 2012 Georgie Award for Best Townhouse Development for their Brownstones on the Boulevard project in the Garrison Crossing, Chilliwack BC (awarded by the Canadian Home Builders Association of British Columbia).


Algra Bros. is proud to be a part of their community and have incorporated that “good neighbour” ethic into their company.  For Algra Bros., that includes giving back to the home builder community and the community at large.  Dave has been invited to speak at several planning conferences, including a keynote address at The Resilient Cities Symposium that opened dialogue to explore challenges and opportunities in planning and developing communities in the Fraser Valley. Dave raised a call to action for all bodies to work together to meet the future needs for housing and innovative energy, infrastructure upgrading and technological change.  Dave has also spoken at the PIBC (Planning Institute of BC) annual conference 2012, where he discussed several housing issues found in the Fraser Valley and the proposed changes needed to overcome these issues; including diverse housing types, innovative land use and in-fill rather than greenfield developments.

Algra Bros. is also a supporter of Abbotsford’s Affordable Housing Strategy, a collaborative plan to provide residents in Abbotsford safe, stable, and appropriate housing.  “Doing what is right for the communities in which we serve is very important to us.  Being involved in the planning community allows us an opportunity to create positive change.” says Dave.  Algra Bros. is a proud member and in good standing with the British Columbia Home Builders Association and The Urban Development Institute, a premier industry body that represents the interests of over 600 corporate members involved in all aspects of land development and planning.


Algra Bros currently has several developments in production: Garrison Crossing, Brixton Station, and Brownstones on the Boulevard.  They also have 64 Micro Suites in central Abbotsford, which will be completed in partnership with the Lynnhaven Society, a local not-for-profit housing provider dedicated to supporting the senior citizens of Abbotsford.  With this project they are leading the charge in expanding the role of Micro Suite Housing in local communities.  Micro Suites are a capable solution to housing affordability and offer the convenience of home ownership coupled with appropriate standards of living.   Algra Bros. has been operating for more than a decade, and in that time Dave says they have been “constantly evolving.”  Moving forward, that evolution will continue.  He and his brothers are vigilant about staying up to date with the latest building trends, and are committed to raising the company’s profile.  “We’re about challenging the norm and creating innovative solutions to issues facing the housing industry,” he adds.  “We’ll continue to provide the industry with exceptional products that our customers love and by doing that we hope to raise the bar for the entire industry.”