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Smart Growth Issue – Putting the
needs of existing communities first.

At a time when everything is undergoing rapid change, we need to find ways to build better.


Filling the Gaps

Urban Pioneer Infill : Your Urban Renewal Specialists

Bard Golightly of Urban Pioneer Infill believes in the approach that building infill projects that foster interconnectivity and well-being at the architectural and urban level.

Golightly brings more than 30 years of experience in the industry; having served as the past president of the Canadian Homebuilder Association (CHBA) and Chief Operating Officer for Christenson Developments.


Boston Dynamics: Pioneering Safety and Efficiency in Hazardous Work Environments

Boston Dynamics, a worldwide leader in mobile robotics, has unveiled new additions to its agile mobile robot Spot’s product line. With the introduction of the self-charging Enterprise Spot, web-based remote operations software, Scout, and the Spot Arm, Spot’s capabilities are expanded. The robot is now able to carry out autonomous, remote inspections and data collection, and perform manual tasks.

Urban Living

Freedhome Developments adds
to Winnipeg’s skyline with
luxury rental properties.

President Jonathon Freed joins us to discuss their responsive
approach to intensification, their sustainable building initiatives,
and how they
add vibrancy to mature neighbourhoods in which
they build.

live work play

Walkable Communities

Live, Work, Play communities lay the foundation for St. Albert’s Boudreau Communities.

Focusing on master planned communities, Boudreau’s inspirational vision helps residents discover new ways to experience life.  CEO Dave Haut joins us to discuss their core values, upcoming projects, and their commitment to the Live-Work-Play lifestyle.

Smart Growth

EkoBuilt: A Passive Home is your fastest route to Net Zero

EkoBuilt: A Passive Home is your fastest route to Net Zero

EkoBuilt, based in Ottawa, Canada, is dedicated to spreading the concept of passive homes across North America.  The company actively shares information through their blog, social media channels, and their YouTube series, The Passive House Show. They believe that...

Urban Pioneer Infill :   Edmonton’s Urban Renewal Specialist

Urban Pioneer Infill : Edmonton’s Urban Renewal Specialist

Inglewood is move in ready now. With 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a trendy, eye-catching kitchen, second floor laundry, side entry for future suite and moreAccording to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB), Edmonton's metropolitan region will grow to between...

EcoLuxury Homes: A Better Way to Build

EcoLuxury Homes: A Better Way to Build

LeslieVille LanewayEcoLuxury Homes’ (www.ecoluxuryhomes.com) flagship Leslieville Laneway home in Toronto features the latest cutting-edge products and materials, all of which played a part in the home reaching its LEED Platinum certification. When the City of Toronto...


live work play

ATL Construction’s Four Corners of Partnering system lay the foundation for project success. 

Edmonton’s ATL Construction offers professional and reliable contracting services for a wide variety of needs, and have earned a reputation for excellence.

Avonlea Homes brings an exciting
new home experience to their customers in Lethbridge. 

Avonlea is committed to bringing the best new home experience to our customers through bold design, superior quality and to gain that customer for life.