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Freedhome Developments adds to Winnipeg’s skyline with luxury rental properties.

Coming off the successful completion of the 65 suite luxury rental apartment Le Market, President Jonathon Freed joins us to discuss their responsive approach to intensification, their sustainable building initiatives, and how they add vibrancy to mature neighbourhoods in which they build.  “As a true infill builder, we have a shared vision that addresses the demand for new housing.  With Freedhome Developments, we want to make an impact in our communities that help create a more efficient and sustainable future for everyone.”

Toronto’s Percy Ellis on why walkable cities are the key to smart growth.

According to James Burton, walkable communities are front of mind when starting a new project.  “Infill helps maintain Toronto’s existing housing stock and adds new housing on smaller scale.  Infill is the reuse of existing infrastructure.  When you re-use infrastructure and have infill roadmap, you’re doing something good for the city, for the planet, for affordability, for walkability, for your mental health.”

Why St. Albert’s Boudreau Communities are investing in Live-Work-Play communities.

Building Live-Work-Play communities is the core focus for Dave Haut and the Boudreau team.  “Our better way to live philosophy  is to create communities where each life is lived to the fullest.  It really is about a better quality of life.  There’s such a vibrancy to mixed-use communities when you can blend residential, business, and retail in a pedestrian-friendly communities.”

Crescent Homes sets the standard of building high quality homes in Southwestern Ontario.

President Nitin Jain joins us to discuss their creative and innovative designs, their wider selection of interior choices and sound building processes. “We always want to make sure each community stands out on its own.  It’s too easy to have one kind of product and reuse it in another subdivision.  That’s an easy approach.  Instead, we base our communities on the current market trends. Our developments provide a lot of flexibility for different segments of the market.”

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Find out how Vancouver’s Whelan Construction’s design
and build model captures your full project lifecycle.

Vancouver’s Cape Group is at the forefront of walkable communities with new St. Albert master-planned development Bellevue Village.

Avonlea Homes has been creating the benchmark in Lethbridge living  >>>>

Trico Homes’ Michael Brown
promising solution to the
affordable housing problem.

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