Creating one-of-a-kind homes unsurpassed in their timeless beauty and sophistication, Shawn Marsh talks about creating luxury homes that instill a sense of pride and place, for generations.

Building a luxury home can be a challenge for most construction companies, but for Timberworx Custom Homes, it’s all in a day’s work.   With every client they work with, they are dedicated to building a home of distinct quality and craftsmanship, and a home that is exclusively tailored to their lifestyle.

Shawn Marsh’s company builds luxury homes that cater to the owners’ needs as well as wants.

Timberworx has a classic bottom-up story of growth.  Shawn Marsh first moved to Guelph and started working as a framer in 1979 to help pay for school.  In 1987, Timberworx was born as a framing company.  Says Marsh of the days when he worked with friends from the University of Guelph: “It was such a great time, so much fun to work together.  I loved the industry right from day one.”

One of the biggest challenges of getting into the home-building industry, says Marsh, is money.  In his case, the framing work helped pave the way for his entry into the competitive industry.  The business was started on a Sunday, and by the end of that week they had five lots, and a new custom home builder was born.  From then on, the company has been growing in strength and they make sure that 100% percent of their clients have their expectations exceeded.


Part of being a great company means being recognized for your work, and Timberworx has certainly passed with flying colors; their classic European estate The Gathering House has already won the award for Best Custom Home 2500-4000 sq. ft. OHBA 2012 and is also their second home in 2 years nominated for a National CHBA award for Most Outstanding Home.   But the company isn’t after quantity – it is only focused on quality.  Says Shawn about the company’s vision:  “We have no desire to be the biggest builder, just the best builder.” And it seems they’re well on their way to achieving that accolade.


 The core of their operations consists of Shawn himself, Chris Mannhardt, Operations Manager, and Eve Claxton, Design and Reality Specialist.  With this team, they have created homes that are fresh, modern, and iconic.   Their secret of success stems from their vision for excellence.  Even the trades they use are the best at what they do.  In fact, there’s a philosophy behind hiring subtrades:  “Timberworx’s own process is about being highly responsive, we make sure you always feel that your home is the best it can be, and everyone who works with us understands this.”  That kind of commitment to quality equates to only using the very best, even if it means spending a little more money.  Their model obviously works because the trade turnover is practically non-existent and comes primarily from retirement of tradespeople.  Most of the key partners they work including Accents for Living, Bowser Technical, Northern Paving, and Jim Wilson Well Drilling have been with them for a long time and have only got there by having a solid reputation.  The company makes it a priority to use a ‘teamwork ‘ approach on projects to ensure that they work towards the successful conclusion to any development.

Timberworx is also different in how they involve the customer in the construction process. “We’re joined at the hip for 6 months”, says Shawn about the intimate relationship between the builder and the buyer.  Not many companies enjoy that kind of relationship with their customers.


The future of Timberworx lies in its ability to take a lot and transform it into a stunning home that is smart, green, has great curb appeal and is tremendous value for the money.   Every house they build is Energy Star Certified, with innovations continually being implemented.  As part of a new project for 2013, they have already purchased a few commercial lots to build commercial condos and offices.  The new constructions will have the latest green innovations and is sure to give long-serving commercial builders a run for their money.  The new endeavours will add to their already-strong portfolio of successful projects and create a new market for Timberworx to explore.


Many people ask “Why should a person choose Timberworx over other companies?” According to Shawn Marsh, “It’s not one thing, it’s all things.”  Being on site and working closely with both clients and trades, Shawn can ensure that every step of the construction process meets Timberworx’s core values, and ensures an effective two-way communication channel that proves invaluable to gaining customer confidence.  Every Timberworx home is covered by warranties, maintenance contracts and upgrade options so the buyer is protected at all times and has several opportunities for further development.  The end result of this is a highly customized home that is defined by and in turn reflects the customer’s lifestyle and personal preferences.

The entire philosophy of Timberworx is described in these words from Shawn Marsh:  “We build them like they used to.  Only better.”