Health-Care in Canada is consuming a rising share of the Provincial Budget.   Ontarians recognize that as the population ages, they are becoming concerned about the future quality and accessibility of health services. Canadians are unlikely to want either higher taxes or cuts to health programs to accommodate a solution for the relentless healthcare spending that increases annually. What is needed is a broad revamping of the system that examines the costs and the traditional treatments for those patients with chronic conditions that account for over 60% of patient appointments with their primary care doctor. It is recognized that the current health-care system was designed mainly for acute care.  However, better delivery is required for the range of needs, to benefit patients and providers alike, for those chronic illnesses that do not respond with effective long-term results by the traditional medical protocols only. THE PURPOSE OF ADVANCED MEDICAL GROUP Advanced Medical Group, on the corner of Richmond and Victoria Street in London, Ontario, has been designed for approximately 36 primary care doctors, 20 specialists and an interdisciplinary group of allied practitioners. The strategy for wellness decisions is less about compartmentalizing, but more about removing the barriers so the patient is exposed to interdisciplinary approaches to wellness. More importantly, the wellness programs have been formatted to engage the patient in participating in their own health and wellness through an electronic medical record system called MiVitals and Health Reports. MiVitals is a private portal where the patient communicates on-line with their primary care doctor’s office, their specialists, allied practitioners, and their pharmacist, as well as understanding the results of laboratory test results. In other words, the patient is encouraged to become more educated in order to better understand the needs of their Body, Mind and Spirit in order to achieve optimal wellness. The Ministry of Health in Ontario calls this desirable program Patient Centered Care”. UNDERSTANDING CHRONIC CONDITIONS First of all, what are Chronic Illnesses or Chronic Conditions? A person’s lifestyle is often the source that most impacts chronic conditions.  The other factors include understanding your personal inherited genomics plus the impact of the aging process which can be tempered with an altered lifestyle, improving your body’s immune system. Obesity, from poor dietary choices or a sedentary lifestyle, often results in cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, excess lipids in your blood stream causing vascular narrowing and respiratory issues leading to fatigue and a loss of energy at work and at play. Type 2 Diabetes results from increased glucose levels and is more common with aging, poor dietary choices, sedentary lifestyle and your genomics. Anxiety & Depression often results from lifestyle choices that can produce stresses in life that are articulated differently with each patient. Recreation and Prescribed Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse impact the immune system, so it cannot properly function in preventing needless acute and chronic diseases. Many Cancers are preventable through lifestyle changes, including improved sleeping habits, dietary choices, sedentary lifestyle, and protecting your body & mind from harmful environmental conditions. In the simplest of terms, our healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit are still the best known resource for providing continued optimal health.  Recognizing our body’s needs through AMG’s educating-the-patient-program, we refer to an on-line private patient portal called MiVitals and Health Reports where we assist the patient to understand the needs of their immune system and sustaining wellness. In summary, health care in Ontario is the biggest provincial expenditure with costs rising by about 7.0 % annually.   If current trends prevail, health care expenditures would make up 80% of total program spending by 2030, up from 46% today.  How can this be sustainable, especially with the aging of the boomer population? THE TRAJECTORY OF WELLNESS Rejuvenation PLUS is the result of numerous medical studies that encourage a strong sustainable action to coach the public into understanding the joys of optimal health. Rejuvenation PLUS are 30-60-90 day programs originated at AMG, that includes coaching in the areas on Exercise, Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Sleep. GETTING STARTED

  • A referral from your primary care doctor is required, that includes a base-line of your vitals, your medications, your laboratory test results, and your doctor’s comments/recommendations.
  • From this referral, the patient or employee completes a trajectory or goal for their eventual achievement. This includes a schedule to meet the needs for wellness in concert with their vocation & avocations.
  • Classes are designed to recognize your initial medical base-line. Your base-line will be measured at least monthly, and results will be posted electronically with your primary care doctor.
  • The preferred Rejuvenation PLUS Class for best results is our 90 Day Program. Alternative classes or Refresher classes are also available in 30 day and 60 day intervals.  All classes are 90 minutes in duration.
  • Patients or employees are instructed on approved attire and footwear.
  • Lockers are provided, as are showers. There are four (4) Wellness Salons on the second floor at AMG for Rejuvenation PLUS
  • The series of classes include :
  1. Body Warm-Up , with Stretching and Balance Training
  2. Cardiovascular Enhancement Coaching to Boost Energy
  3. Resistance Training and Muscle Toning
  4. Balancing Your Diet with proper Nutrition
  5. Educating & Understanding the needs of  Body, Mind, & Spirit
  6. Meditation & Mindfulness for De-Stressing & Sleep Therapy
  • Patients or employees graduate from Rejuvenation PLUS with a certificate, along with a family event to celebrate your success.
  • Graduation then flows to the Advanced Health & Exercise Centre on the main floor of AMG where alternative classes are scheduled for YOGA, Tai-Chi, Advanced Aerobics and Coaching Toning Skills.

THE RESULTS OF INTEGRATING REJUVENATION INTO HEALTH-CARE It is unrealistic to restrict the main focus of health-care to only traditional medicine, since the treatment in most cases of chronic conditions involves prescribing more drugs. Health care must provide for the co-ordination of the skills of interdisciplinary professionals that are able to improve the overall patient experience, so the patient learns and understands the needs of their body, mind & spirit. An extended life expectancy is meaningless without Preserving Independence with Aging through the intervention of collaborative and interdisciplinary teams who specialize in chronic conditions. The focus of Advanced Medical Group is therefore to identify new programs to detect and prevent unnecessary Chronic Diseases with Aging, with skilled interdisciplinary teams coaching the benefits of improved lifestyles for Body, Mind & Spirit enhancements. ADVANCED SENIOR SUPPORTIVE CARE: THE MANOR VILLAGES Through the understanding and generosity of the Gordie Howe family, Canadians someday soon will not lose their loved ones because of memory loss diseases.  The Howe family have presented their father’s name to raise funding for the purpose of discovering and improving the healthy aging of the human brain through research, education and interventions at the family level. The Centre for Alzheimer’s Research and Education Society is called Gordie Howe C.A.R.E.S.   Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta in conjunction with The Manor Village Life Centers; there are new supportive locations  planned across Canada that include the upper two (2) floors at AMG-London. There are approximately 135,000 people in Ontario with dementia.  At The Manor Villages, our focus has been assisting the Senior with interactive programs available through Rejuvenation PLUS, where we are able to Preserve Independence through various stretching, balance coaching, resistance training, improved nutrition and memory enhancement programs.

  • Our Chefs have developed various nutritious cuisine recipes for the healthy metabolizing of foods.
  • The Audiology Centre at AMG enhances hearing and balancing sounds for improvement in communication with seniors’ family members.
  • The Foot-Care Centre services problems associated with balancing the body’s center of gravity.  Foot healing problems are accommodated with immediate treatments to prevent long term discomfort.
  • The Dental Care and Vision Care Centers are located on the main floor, as is Pharmacy and Dyna-Care Laboratory and Cardiology Stress Testing for senior residents’ convenience.
  • Best of all, is the confidence knowing that your Primary Care Doctor is located on the second floor for the convenience for available health services.

ADVANCED SURGICAL OPERATORY GROUP Consists of skilled surgeons in Ophthalmology; Ear-Nose-Throat; Plastic Surgery; Dermatology; Endoscopic Surgery; Oral Surgery; & Neurosurgery. We are able to schedule high quality standards that will shift the procedures out-of-hospital to provide patients with timely access in this accredited surgical center.  Patients are scheduled for Day Procedures following the cooperating team members at Rejuvenation PLUS  enabling effective care and improved patient outcomes. “Improved Conditioning – Improves Outcomes”.  The Surgical Operatory focus is the best of surgical equipment in the hands of skilled surgeons. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WAY TO PRACTICE HEALTH-CARE AND LIVE!