For over 20 years, Avonlea Homes has been creating the benchmark in Lethbridge living. In that time, they have earned a reputation for delivering award winning developments that include single-family homes as well as multi-family townhomes and condos designed for today’s families.

Avonlea Homes believes it’s their emphasis on aiming to bring together the right people for each of its projects that ensures a positive and reliable experience.  “First and foremost we have a tremendous team that works well together,” says President John Wickey.  “We’re very fortunate to be surrounded by a great core of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for the industry.”  Working together in an atmosphere of trust and accountability and working towards a common goal enables Avonlea Homes to focus on three major bottom-line benefits – build every home like their own, earn customer loyalty, and anticipate their customer’s needs. “Our vision is to create value for our customers, and even though the ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra may sound cliché, it really is something we believe in.  Building a home is a complex and detailed process, and our team strives to always provide exceptional value with high quality standards to ensure our customers are satisfied,” states Wickey.

Best New Home Experience

In the home building industry, it can take time to tackle tough issues, but working together as part of a team to obtain results is what Avonlea Homes is all about.  Their experience has taught them that a conscientious investment of time into each home makes a difference. “For us it’s all about the customer experience. That’s what we strive for each and every day, through every department, through every person that’s on the team, for the right fit on the team, says Wickey. “That’s basically what we’re all about. We try to bring the best customer experience, new home buying experience to Lethbridge.”

This mantra of Wickey’s is known throughout the industry by his peers and co-workers and is certainly a key ingredient to the company’s success. The Avonlea team weighs heavily on this core value and strives to ensure that this value is rooted into the creation of each and every new home.

Innovative Styles

The team of architectural and design professionals at Avonlea Homes have an exceptional knowledge of their field and also understand the importance of listening to the homeowners. This ensures that a strong grasp of the clients’ needs and wants is built into each floor plan. An immense amount of thought and detail are put into creating up-to-date and popular floor plans that are functional, unique, and highly recognized within the industry.

Avonlea Homes’ models have a strong emphasis on modern lines and form – two essentials of good and modern design. hey are marked by simple, angular shapes, and expansive, unadorned windows designed to maximize light and call attention to interior details. Structural features and distinctive inclusions found in every Avonlea home create a lasting impression and separates Avonlea from the rest. Included finishes are typically seen as upgraded additions for many other home builders but are just one important piece to completing each home for this builder. Avonlea Homes caters to and provides home options for all phases in life, from a first- time home buyer, to a growing family or for those downsizing.

All in the Details

Building a home is one of the most significant decisions that we make in our lifetime and Avonlea Homes understands the importance of transparency throughout the building process. Scheduled walk-throughs are provided by a professional Avonlea representative during the various stages of construction to address any home buyer questions and to provide progress updates during this exciting process. Upon possession, the next stage of the journey begins. Homeowners receive a Preliminary New Home Orientation one week prior to their possession date and complete a detailed walk-through of their new home with the Service and Warranty department to cover the many functions of the home and to review the completion of any outstanding items so that the home is move in ready on closing day. The Service and Warranty department are there to assist clients throughout their first year in their new home and to provide scheduled appointments during the year to address questions and concerns should they arise.

One major key component the Avonlea team focuses on is taking the time to really listen to their customers. “There are many reasons why I love Avonlea Homes. But, first and foremost, is their honesty, integrity and commitment to customers especially to those who have purchased an Avonlea Home. Avonlea Homes stands behind their commitment of quality service and warranty. I have and will continue to boost about Avonlea’s caring attitude and certainly recommend them to those seeking a home. Knowing that they are selling homes not just a house means a lot to me,” (Linda)

Customers want a builder who understands their needs and wants, asks the right questions of their homebuyers, understands their client’s style and most importantly, is responsive and considerate throughout the entire experience. With keeping these important factors at the top of the list, the Avonlea team creates strong rapport with many of their clients and has created lasting relationships with families throughout the Lethbridge area.

Award Winning Partnerships

As a strong contributor in the industry, it is no surprise that Avonlea Homes has been repeatedly recognized in the form of nominations and industry awards. Since 2008, the Avonlea team was won more than 65 awards in various categories: including Builder of the Year, Best New Home Design, and Safety Leadership honours. The awards are a true confirmation to the high standards produced day in and day out. “We see these as a testament to the trust and respect that we have earned, and as great as receiving those awards are, the real recognition is what our customers and industry peers think of us,” Wickey says.

He goes on to credit their successes in combination with the calibre of their exceptional trades and team members. “We’ve worked with our trades since our inception. We always bring our trades in for meetings to see how they can help us, and what they can recommend. We really try to go back to the grass roots and we try to engage them on all levels because we need their knowledge,” said Wickey.  Experience has taught them that the best results come from trusted collaborations and cooperation among all parties.


Avonlea Homes recognizes that every homebuyer has particular tastes and needs, and has created a unique purchasing process to ensure their homes are built to individualized customer specifications. The company offers several developed communities, each with their own look and feel. In addition to changes in design, each community is located near unique resources and recreational opportunities.  The company’s current new home projects in the new north of Lethbridge include the community of BlackWolf, and in west Lethbridge, the Skye Condos. “BlackWolf has an interesting architectural style that includes everything from Colonial and Greek Revival to Prairie-Style and English Cottage, and more contemporary styles as well,” says Wickey. “Skye Condos in perfectly situated in a walkable urban setting, with a combination of public parks with mixed use living, working, entertainment, and lifestyle experience integrated into one community. Both BlackWolf and Skye are three time award winning developments, so that’s something we are also very proud of. “

Another project with distinctive flair is Legacy Ridge, a development located at the north end of Lethbridge on 43 acres of beautiful green space. This exclusive bespoke collection of homes is designed to exude elegance and sophistication that will turn the area into a thriving urban living centre.

Riverstone, a master-planned community comprised of single family homes, is situated on lots next to a community park on Riverpark Boulevard in west Lethbridge. These expansive homes offer attractive interiors, large floor plans, gourmet kitchens, and natural green heritage spaces with a collection of parks and trails. With Riverstone, you can appreciate the relaxed lifestyle of small town living and still enjoy the conveniences of big city amenities. “Lethbridge is home to all of us here at Avonlea. We all live here, so for us to create communities where we would want to live is very important.”

Giving Back

Avonlea Homes believes in supporting and serving the communities in which it operates by being a strong corporate citizen. By donating time, effort, and dollars to various organizations, Avonlea has been able to assist a vast range of foundations, including St. Michaels Health Centre, Lethbridge Regional Hospital, Cancer Society, and Big Brothers & Sisters.

The Avonlea Homes philosophy of giving back to the community is also reflected in their annual Play it Forward Hockey Tournament which raises funds for Steps for Life; a charity that supports families suffering from workplace tragedies. “Because we’re a longtime Lethbridge builder, we feel it’s essential to give back to the community that has given us so much. I have to tip my hat to our team that dedicates their time to several worthwhile causes.”

Avonlea Homes recognizes that their achievements would not have been possible without the support of their community and they take great pride in giving back for old and new causes close to home. “Our STARS Lottery Home, The Clarkson, in Legacy Ridge is very special to us. We are the longest standing lottery builder in the province, and that really says something. For us, it’s our biggest push every year.”


Forging Ahead

Avonlea Homes is mindful of the future, and they are always attentive to upcoming trends and market conditions. With Lethbridge’s population growing steadily and a demand for quality home builders on the rise, it’s reassuring to know that Avonlea Homes is dedicated to setting the new benchmark standard for construction and enhanced client services.

The company’s current goal is straightforward – to be the home builder of choice in Lethbridge. They plan to do this through emphasizing their absolute professionalism, their creativity, their commitment to the client, and their dedication to producing effective results. “The short term plan is to stay true to our company values, having them at

the forefront of everything we do, and constantly listen to our customers,” says Wickey. “Long term we would like to go back to Grand Prairie and continue to build there. We’ve also acquired a new parcel of land on the north side of Lethbridge near our BlackWolf community so we’ll continue to push there as well.” From functional design work, to its dedication to the best in workmanship, Avonlea Homes has united their expertise and knowledge in establishing their reputation as not only an industry leader that serves the Lethbridge marketplace, but also a well-recognized community builder that is truly devoted to offering only the best new home experience.