Boasting an elite line-up of custom homes and distinctive designs – Bowers Construction is one of the East Coast’s most respected builders

At Bowers Construction, it’s never about volume, it’s always about value. Established in 2014, Bowers Construction is a leading residential builder specializing in custom single-family homes who have built a strong reputation for quality homebuilding based on inspired craftsmanship and sound construction experience. Led by President Caleb Bowers, Bowers Construction continues to grow and pursue a number of engaging building projects throughout Halifax, Nova Scotia and surrounding areas. When speaking with Bowers, he doesn’t hesitate to express the reasons on what separates his company from the rest of the competition. “Our goal is to be top of mind for anyone looking to build a custom home. We are quite far ahead of trends in the market, so our homes simply stand out from the others and our online visibility allows us to show that quality off,” he says. “This is paramount. We take the time to ensure the product we are building is built well and with exceptional attention to detail. More importantly, our clients are family to us, and it’s a life-long relationship that doesn’t end when the keys are handed over. I tell clients that when they live in a Bowers home, we’re behind you for life.” 

Bowers believes that every home they build, no matter the size, should be special, crafted with quality, and aligned with the client’s interests and needs. Caleb’s wife Suzanne, Creative Director, has played an integral role in the development of their brand and business. They built the company with those values and both refuse to deviate from them. “We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re committed to our clients,” he says. “We don’t look at the number of homes we build; we look at the value of each home built and the deep relationship formed. And delivering value means delivering quality and client satisfaction.” 

“From the initial meeting, design phase and into construction, our clients know when they pick up the phone to connect with us, we are always going to answer and support them.” 

Caleb Bowers

When building a custom home with Bowers Construction, clients can expect respectful customer service and an open, transparent experience. Throughout the building process, they work with their clients to provide an outstanding finished product. “Communication and transparency are key,” says Bowers. “From the initial meeting, design phase and into construction, our clients know when they pick up the phone to connect with us, we are always going to answer and support them.” 


The team at Bowers Construction consists of a close-knit group of highly qualified professionals that all contribute to the success of the firm. Bowers understands the importance of choosing the right people to be part of their team and working hard to retain their employees for years to come. “We always want our staff to have the same enthusiasm for what we do and the same energy and drive. We feel that is important because that directly affects our clients and their experience. “We have built the right team with the right attitude so we hire based on those principles to ensure we have a well-defined staff that develops solid relationships with our clients throughout their project,” Bowers says 

One major key component the Bowers team focuses on is taking the time to really listen to their clients. Clients want a company who understand their needs and wants, asks the right questions, understands a buyer’s style and most importantly, is responsive and considerate throughout the entire process. With keeping these important factors in mind, the Bowers team creates strong rapport with their clients and has maintained lasting relationships with families throughout the city.


Today, Bowers Construction boasts an extensive portfolio of custom, traditional, transitional and modern homes with footprints spanning from 2,000 to 6,000 square feet(+). Bowers Construction has set themselves apart in the market with their focus on exceptional customer service, innovative design concepts, and superior workmanship – but it all starts with the design. “Getting the design right from the outset is very important to building someone’s dream home. We take the time to really listen to our clients and we understand their needs, wants and vision,” Bowers says. “We’re a custom home builder in the true sense of the word. We can build a $450,000 home or a 2 million dollar home, it all depends on what the client wants. Each project, no matter the size, is a big investment for the client, we recognize that and we are diligent to ensure we deliver a great finished product.” 

The Bowers Construction website is a testament to their work. An award-winning Instagram feed curated and run by Suzanne Bowers is “built to impress,” says Caleb, and has been a big part of their rapid success. Their online gallery offers a look inside many of the homes they’ve built, from eye-catching exteriors and uniquely appointed living areas to modern custom kitchens and spa- like bathrooms. By being able to break out of the typical “cookie-cutter” type design, Bowers brings the focus back to the individual taste and lifestyle of the client and carries out a unique, customizable and innovative design process from the façade of the house to the landscape and interior design details. 


With several projects underway, Bowers says his goal is to continue down the path they are already on – they want to continue to build high quality homes with satisfied and happy clients. “Between 25 to 30 homes per year is something that we can fully control and I think that is so important,” he states. “I don’t want to be the Bill Gates of new home construction, so a recent decision we made was to scale back and stick with a number that works for our clients and staff. Many builders think they will get bigger and better, but they don’t. Production, service and quality all goes down.” 

“We’re getting into multi-residential condos, cottage homes, and apartment buildings, in addition to our custom home builds. These new endeavours will add to our already-strong portfolio of successful projects and allow us to reach our followers that aren’t quite ready for their dream home,” Bowers says. With that said, it is clear that expectations have been set high for Bowers Construction as it embarks on its next stage of growth. With the right team in place, driven by their core values and East Coast-centric commitment to people, the future looks bright for Bowers Construction.