The 22-storey Elle Development is conveniently located on West 15th Street, just off Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver, making it an enviable location for potential buyers. In addition, the size of the units has piqued the interest of buyers, as they are larger compared to other new condos available in the market, according to Goldie Alam, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Polygon Realty.

“What we’re finding is people really like Elle because the homes are bigger than a lot of other new condos right now — when people are looking around at different options, if they look at newer homes, they’re a bit smaller. So they like Elle because they’ve got a bit more space,” says Alam.

Polygon Homes has created a range of residences, including one-, two-, and three-bedroom options. The one-bedroom homes start at 664 square feet, while the three-bedroom homes reach up to 1,330 square feet. 

“The buildings that are going to be built around you are already there. Sometimes people worry about what may still be built in the area, but here there are already highrises, so you can see, especially looking at the view study in the sales office, what the outlook will be,” she says.