Halifax’s Macdonald Bridge is scheduled for a $75 million renovation, intended to increase its longevity by 75 years.

Halifax Harbour Bridges’ chief engineer, Ahsan Chowdhury, revealed that the build-up of paint over the years has caused the steel to lose its protective property, allowing water to infiltrate and corrode the beams. To address this issue, the project aims to remove the decades-old paint and expose the bridge’s bare steel through sandblasting. The plan also includes repairing the steel and applying three fresh coats of paint to the structure, which was first established in 1955.

According to the report, Halifax Harbour Bridges conducted a successful pilot project in 2017, providing valuable insights for the upcoming project. The Canadian engineering firm Stantec will manage the design, which will include a thorough analysis utilizing computer models to identify potential issues and crucial replacement areas. The project budget will be divided, with half allocated to steel replacement and the remaining portion covering paint and additional work on the towers, approaches, and spans.

As stated by CBC, the project is set to begin in autumn and must follow strict environmental regulations. The chosen contractor will be responsible for capturing and safely disposing of old paint during the sandblasting process. Completion of the project is scheduled for 2027, with the goal of attracting a specialized American company to recoat the bridge.