Classic waterproof & breathable Helly Tech shell jacket with zip-in option for all-year use. 

As we showcase top developers and home builders, our time is often spent on-site covering exciting projects across Ontario, gaining firsthand insight into construction processes and delivery methods.  The main challenge, however, is enduring unfavorable weather conditions when working outdoors.  The weather in May in Ontario brought a harsh mix of sleet, rain, snow, wind, and hail.  It becomes evident that having durable outerwear is essential for battling the elements.  In this review, we examined the performance of the Helly Hansen Manchester 2.0 Shell Jacket during a 3-day stretch of Canadian May weather featuring heavy rain, strong winds, and light hail.

To begin with, the jacket’s foundation is crafted from patented Helly Tech Performance fabric, providing a reliable defense against various weather conditions, from strong winds to heavy rainstorms.  This is when you can see the Manchester 2.0 in action as it withstands the elements.  Standing in heavy rain for five minutes, if the Manchester could express itself, it would challenge Mother Nature with a defiant “Is that all you’ve got?!” The effectiveness of the outer shell is palpable, offering both functionality and comfort when worn.

The Manchester jacket has five pockets: two inside for secure storage, two with YKK zippers for quick access, and a left chest pocket ideal for a phone.  The YKK zippers are of quality and and operate smoothly while providing tight water resistance. This jacket exudes a simple style with subtle branding that is complemented by strategically placed reflective elements, enhancing visibility without sacrificing aesthetics.

The Manchester jacket is a practical and efficient choice for getting things done.  It’s an ideal jacket to have by your side when tackling challenging conditions at the job site.  Not only does it serve its purpose as a protective outer layer in harsh environments, but it also adds a cool touch of style for quick trips into the city.