By Chelsea Cole from BuilderTrend

Using project management software will eventually save your construction business time and money – it’ll just take some effort on your end, first. This is easier said than done, we know. You’re not only trying to learn a new platform to better your business, but you’re also running your business at the same time.

It may seem overwhelming at the beginning, but we promise there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Our customers see the positive impacts of our training resources on a daily basis.

“The best part about Buildertrend is that they offer on the job training,” said Ken Mar, area director at Habitat for Humanity of Omaha. “Not only did we receive in-person training with a Buildertrend team member at our office, but we’re also able to access customer support whenever we need it.”

Our Customer Success team is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals. Hear from two of our coaches as they share their experiences and insights on how to overcome the initial software training challenges.

How do training resources help customers overcome training challenges?

Jenn Hedgecock, customer success coach: 
I believe our builders benefit tremendously from our Buildertrend Learning Academy. The course-based learning allows them to allocate time after business hours because meeting with a coach during the day can sometimes be challenging.

Matt Wadleigh, senior customer success coach: The online training resources are a great way to show how navigation works in the Buildertrend platform. It helps them find the features they’re looking for, so they can maximize their time with their coach and focus more on refining processes.


What are some tactics customers should implement when training their team on new software?

Jenn: Having a Buildertrend Champion, a go-to person on their team who is dedicated to learning and implementing the software, is imperative. Instead of trying to find training time for an entire team, they can implement gradually without taking time away from business operations.

Matt: Honestly the biggest one I try to encourage is the Buildertrend Learning Academy. If they’re having an issue with getting the team on board, I’ve had some builders have a competition and the winner gets a free lunch.

What are the best methods for helping your team enhance processes with tech?

Meeting with their designated coach on a weekly basis is huge. This is the time where they can come with questions about features, processes, scenarios etc. I have a few builders who’ve taken a piece of our processes and assign homework to their team members to ensure they’re actually logging in and working in a particular feature.

Matt: Start small. Introduce Daily Logs or To-Do’s – easy-to-use features. Once they see how much easier these features makes their day-to-day processes, the more likely they’ll be to open to learning new things.