Kanvi Homes may have won several accolades for their innovative design concepts and their pursuit of excellence, but Virani and Kanji, the founders whose names have lent their syllables to create the trademark name, aren’t the kind to sit on their laurels and gloat about their accomplishments. On the contrary, their desire to provide homes that delight the owner in big as well as small ways is driving them to greater heights in 2012.

At the foundation of all of their creations lies a passion like no other. Voiced by Farhan Virani in the words “I can go 16 hours in a day doing what I’m doing; I never get tired of it. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s dynamic,” this passion encompasses their every creation and can be seen in everything ranging from their choice of materials to the efficient functionality that they bring to each of their creations.


Based in Edmonton, Kanvi Homes was founded in 2006, and started construction on its first two homes in mid-year 2007. Kanvi Homes now features 6 distinctively styled house plans that have evolved after months of detailed reviews and numerous fine-tune revisions.  Each style features characteristic elements of the style’s persona, and all of them have a distinct aura of desirability that captures the imagination. In addition to these styles, Kanvi also designs customized homes suited to the specific needs of the buyer. Focusing on an ultra-modernistic, forward-looking approach to home ownership, the styles all carry the Kanvi trademark of spacious living which embodies, according to Virani, “open spaces that allow for a smooth transition between functional areas.”   This is a key feature of every Kanvi home.


Kanvi Homes’ strength lies in their ability to transform a utilitarian room into a luxurious and comfortable experience. This facet of their design concept can clearly be seen in the type of materials they use for their creations. For example, many of their kitchen countertops are made from Caesarstone quartz, which more and more customers are asking for because it is not porous like the more popular granite. Another example is their choice of using European-style cabinetry in their kitchen fittings – an ode to functionality and style that is reminiscent of genuine blue-blooded aristocracy. Even their choice of cabinet-style pantries as opposed to the walk-in type speaks volumes about their preference for continuity rather than separation, as does their use of pot lighting to lend a feeling of space rather than of clutter.

It is this attention to detail that will make this company stand tall among its peers in a world of copy-paste house-building.  Each design is painstakingly rendered to tantalize the potential buyer’s esthetic palate and will definitely make their jaws drop at the sight of the innards of every home that comes from the Kanvi foundry.

In all of the designs, carefully crafted interiors are the mainstay of the construction. With an inviting kitchen ‘island’ designed for comfort and usage. Combined with other attractive and economical features such as efficient heating and insulation, this is a home that you ‘never want to leave home without!’ The design features some innovative architecture and is wired for a visual and sound experience, having provisions for a full-blown entertainment system already roughed in.


Kanvi Homes is mainly focused on properties in Edmonton’s south end, and is on pace to build between 20 and 25 homes in 2012, primarily in the $650,000 – $1,500,000+ range. The company has recently been featured as one of the finalists in the ‘over $1 million’ estate home category by the CHBA and is clearly one of the forerunners that is all set to change the face of the Edmonton realty landscape as it stands today.

Over the years, Kanvi Homes has built a formidable reputation for itself in the creation of bathroom and kitchen spaces – a reputation that exemplifies luxurious living combined with an artistic use of space and continuity, while maintaining the austerity and simplicity of design that true wealth espouses. Their customized options are affordable yet elegant, and interior designing services are provided at no cost to the buyer. The perfect combination of form and function come together in every home that is graced by the Kanvi touch. Supported by a modest but talented contingent of 12 employees, the company is solidly on the growth path.