Manulift and Merlo are delighted to mark their 20th anniversary of partnership in the telehandler market, celebrating two decades of innovative solutions that optimize businesses in the construction, agricultural, industrial and mining sectors. 

Their collaboration has revolutionized these industries, providing customers with benefits including mutual know-how, colossal research and development and continued reinvestment in their products, services and Canadian network. Since the start of their partnership in 2004, Manulift and Merlo have always set the bar of excellence in the telehandler market. Their commitment to innovation to optimize operational performance of companies is reflected in their significant research and development budget, which is the largest in the world in the sector among the major manufacturers specializing in telehandlers.

“This mutual commitment to innovation and optimizing business performance has played a key role in the growth of both companies,” said Martin Drolet, President of Manulift. “In addition, our collaboration on our continuous reinvestments as well as the sharing of our know-how has made it possible to provide our clients with solutions that have promoted their success. 

“Our partnership with Manulift has been instrumental in our growth over the past 20 years,” said Paolo Merlo, President of Merlo. “Together, we have been able to leverage our specialization in telehandlers to develop solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. We are excited to continue this journey of innovation and growth together for several years.

As Merlo and Manulift celebrate this milestone, they remain committed to providing the highest quality products and services to their customers. They look forward to continuing to innovate and advance the industry for many years to come.

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