Metal Building Services President of Graeme Bradley joins us to discuss the exceptional benefits and superior advantages of their Econo-Slab system.

When Graeme Bradley started Metal Building Services, metal buildings, in and of themselves, were nothing new to the construction industry. But the variety of custom-designed metal buildings available on the market today is definitely worth a second look for owners and developers.

Solutions for home builders and GC’s

BC – What are the services that Metal Building Services provide to clients?

GB – While MBSL has been providing pre engineered steel buildings to clients across the globe for the past 6 years we have now added our patented foundation system called Econo-Slab. While we provide building solutions to our existing, or referred clientele, we supply all building contractors, manufacturers and the DIY customer with our foundation system. It would also be a great benefit to many home builders.

BC –  For owners or developers hesitant about the Econo-Slab, what are some of the numerous benefits that would positively impact the form and function of their project and, ultimately, add value to the bottom line.?

GB – Our Econo-Slab design allows for much faster site preparation, because you just need to remove the organic matter down to the hard pan and then compact a minimum of 8” of free drawing gravel to level the surface and be ready to install the system. This eliminates the trenching and excavation required for frost walls and footings and allows you to be ready to install your form days or weeks ahead of old-fashioned systems.

Econoslab advances

The Econo-Slab not only improves the foundation strength but simplifies the process and saves time and money.

-Graeme Bradley

BC – How has design technology advanced over the years and does Metal Building Systems provide clients with custom designed foundations and certified drawings.?

GB –  In short we have gone from a slide rule and endless calculations to CAD (computer assisted design) and rapid solutions. While the Econo-Slab isn’t for every building, the number of applications we can service is surprising and growing. If time permits and clients can discuss the building design with us prior to manufacturing we can assist in ensuring that our Econo-Slab will in fact suit their need. From large industrial projects to a 20’ x 30’ wooden shop in the back yard all projects include a complete set of site specific P.Eng stamped drawings. The Econo-Slab not only improves the foundation strength but simplifies the process and saves time and money.

Structural superiority

BC – Your ECONO-SLAB Foundation System provides pre-engineered technology and structural superiority for each and every project. Why should customers choose the ECONO-SLAB, and what are the key benefits?

GB – The key benefits are time and money saved but, to give some detail;

1) No frost walls or footings – Not only excavating but the amount of concrete saved by eliminating these two things is substantial.

2) Time at rest while you are waiting on the curing of the concrete is also eliminated for this phase of the work.

3) The site preparation even when compared to a thickened edge slab is simpler and that is one of the reasons that the Econo-Slab lends itself to the DIY customers for their smaller projects.

4) Our engineered designs are also much stronger than old fashioned, conventional designs. The Econo-Slab distributes loads in more directions allowing for better stability throughout the slab. By using our specified concrete mix we also eliminate the need for control joints. Those cuts
in conventional slabs simply serve to weaken the foundation before you’ve even used it. A cleanable surface is a must for many businesses today and cuts in the concrete don’t lend themselves to a sanitary environment.

5) The Econo-Slab also comes with anchor bolt templates where required. This allows for perfection in the placement of the anchors and anyone who has been at this for a while knows that can be an issue. Being able to erect your structure without delays is crucial in a four-season climate.

6) Whether your project is a simple unheated storage building, a conventionally heated shop, or a building with an in-floor radiant heating system the Econo-Slab will save you time and money.