Swegon Operations, a team of highly trained, flexible young professionals, was established in 2020 after the merger of Blue Box and Swegon a decade prior.  In 1986, Swegon was founded in the heart of an industrial area specializing in the cooling business and quickly gained a significant market share by introducing innovative and highly efficient patented products. In 2008, the company moved to its new 25,000 square meter facility in Cantarana di Cona, Venice, which houses the headquarters and 270 employees. Swegon is ranked among the top five Italian cooling companies and is the tenth largest in Europe, thanks to its well-structured network of 150 dealers and sales partners.

The Tau Sky Hi HP Reversible heat pump for residential applications. Hermetic inverter-controlled BLDC compressor. Monoblock unit, compact and easy to install. Heating capacity range from 6 to 19 kW, five sizes available.

Configurations HP: reversible heat pump version Strengths

Refrigerant R32: solution with very low environmental impact (GWP=675)

► This unit is designed to achieve the lowest noise emission levels in its category.

► Components (compressor, fan, circulator) include DC motors for max. efficiency, both in full load conditions and in modulation mode.

► Domestic hot water control

► Standard anti-corrosion treatment

► Extended envelope: LWT up to 58°C with external temperatures down to -15°C ► Easy to install, compact in size

► Advanced control thanks to built-in WiFi connectivity Two temperature levels managed (opt)