Tesla’s Powerwall 3 home battery is set to launch in 2024 and boasts a more powerful inverter, which enables it to provide more power and operate more of your home simultaneously.

Tesla’s Powerwall, one of the most recognizable home batteries, has received a modern makeover and improved functionality. The latest model, Powerwall 3, was unveiled at the annual RE+ trade show in Las Vegas. While details remain scant and Tesla declined interviews after the announcement, here’s what we know so far: the new Powerwall is a fully integrated solar and battery system, with an inverter built into the battery box, reducing the need for an additional wall box.

Tesla’s new Powerwall boasts a single unit with the ability to supply more power, and is also designed for easy expansion (up to 40.5 kWh per unit). The integrated solar inverter can handle up to six solar inputs, compared to four in the Powerwall+. Despite these upgrades, the solar-to-grid efficiency remains at 97.5 percent and the warranty remains the same at 10 years.

Comparing the P3 to its predecessor (Powerwall 2), the weight of the Powerwall 3 is 287 pounds, a 16.5 percent reduction from the Powerwall+. The P3 is also noticeably smaller than before.

However, it’s important to note that the Powerwall 3 is not compatible with Powerwall 2 or Powerwall+ installations. Tesla plans to release the Powerwall 3 in 2024, and while orders are not yet being accepted, customers can sign up for updates. It will be interesting to see if Tesla can improve its margins with the new Powerwalls and possibly reduce prices.

Powerwall 3

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