The L200H high lift wheel loader features a 27% increase in lifting capacity and a 13% larger grapple than the L180H model it replaces.

Volvo Construction Equipment launched the new L200H high lift wheel loader in North America. The industrial loader features a 27% increase in lifting capacity and a 13% larger grapple than the L180H model it replaces. This means the L200H can handle more timber per hour.

A new loading unit features a reinforced lift arm system, cross beam and rotator unit. This increases the machine’s maximum lifting capacity from 19,401 lbs. on the L180H high lift to 24,600 lbs. To accommodate this extra capacity and ensure the stability of the loader, larger 875-type low-profile L4 tires come standard.

“Volvo CE introduced the world’s first high lift wheel loader in 1974, and with the L200, we’re continuing our tradition of producing high-performing, low TCO machines,” said Stephen Roy, president, Region Americas, Volvo CE.”

With the ability to stack logs to almost 23 feet high — 60% higher than a conventional wheel loader — the Volvo high lift arm design makes the most of timber yard storage capacity. The L200H high lift enables reaching logs on the stack thanks to 360-degree rotation and the ability to tilt. The new rotator unit is maintenance-free and features an integrated dampening system for stability.

The L200H high lift is able to travel over rough terrains at speed, as well as can work on uneven ground and paved surfaces due to its four-wide tires and articulated steering. A new external axle oil cooling system reduces the temperature of the axles. It also includes an oil filter that keeps the axle oil clean, increasing the oil change interval to 4,000 hours (or 18 months).

Gear shifting has been optimized to serve demanding workloads. Technologies such as OptiShift, which integrates the reverse-by-braking function and torque converter with lock-up, further support fuel efficiency.

The L200H high lift is the first high-lift variant to be compatible with Load Assist, Volvo’s suite of apps that is accessible from the in-cab co-pilot display. The on-board weighing app provides real-time insights into the grapple’s payload to help eliminate overloading, under loading, reweighing and wait times. The operator coaching app provides real-time information and guidance.