Zurn Elkay Water Solutions, the industry’s largest supplier of cleaner water solutions for drinking water, hygiene and sustainable water management, launched new Zurn® Siphonic Roof Drains to help achieve greater efficiency in commercial construction. Zurn’s new siphonic line includes a primary roof drain (Z130S) and overflow roof drain (Z131S). They have near-silent operation when under full bore flow conditions, and higher flow velocities make the system self-cleaning. For a quicker installation, the integrated deck plate cuts installation time in half. The drains are also crafted with a Dura-Coated cast iron drain body and membrane flashing clamp. Efficiency and effective use of space are crucial. Zurn systems result in more usable building space due to no-slope, horizontal piping that takes up less room running below the roof as compared to a gravity roof drain system. Zurn siphonic drains also utilize smaller pipe diameters which translates to lower building costs.

Zurn siphonic drains use non-sloped, horizontal piping that takes up less space because it runs right below the roof for greater efficiency, as compared to gravity drains. This design allows for flexible vertical stack placement based on individual architectural needs.

In a Zurn siphonic drain system, full-bore flow can occur with as little as 2 inches of water depth from the roof surface. Multiple drains can flow into a common horizontal collector pipe. This pipe turns downward into a vertical downpipe and transitions to conventional gravity drainage at a location to suit the design criteria of site expectations.

Fill out our Siphonic Drainage Design Request form and a Zurn Elkay drain expert will reach out to help create your custom drainage system for a complimentary consultation.
To learn more about Zurn’s Siphonic Drains, visit our website or contact your Zurn Elkay Sales Representative today.

To learn more about Zurn’s Siphonic Drains, visit our website or contact your Zurn Elkay Sales Representative today.


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Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Zurn Elkay Water Solutions is a growth-oriented, pure-play water business that designs, procures, manufactures, and markets what we believe is the broadest sustainable product portfolio of solutions to improve health, human safety, and the environment. The Zurn Elkay product portfolio includes professional grade water control and safety, water distribution.

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