Cover Story

Freedhome Developments adds
to Winnipeg’s skyline with
luxury rental properties.

President Jonathon Freed joins us to discuss their responsive
approach to intensification, their sustainable building initiatives,
and how they
add vibrancy to mature neighbourhoods in which
they build.

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Sustainable Leaders

Toronto’s Percy Ellis approach to intensification and sustainable building.

Percy Ellis are only the second developer and builder in
Toronto to achieve this certification. Having a B Corp
certification creates a highly engaged culture of people
that share their commitment to being better, while promoting
sustainable living and social change through
high-performance design and construction.

live work play

Walkable Communities

Live, Work, Play communities lay the foundation for St. Albert’s Boudreau Communities.

Focusing on master planned communities, Boudreau’s inspirational vision helps residents discover new ways to experience life.  CEO Dave Haut joins us to discuss their core values, upcoming projects, and their commitment to the Live-Work-Play lifestyle.

News From Across Canada




Find out how Vancouver’s Whelan Construction’s design and build model captures your full project lifecycle.

To keep a project on track, metrics and project goals
must be properly managed to meet each client’s unique
Enter Vancouver-based Whelan Construction,
a general contracting and construction management
firm that operates across multiple market sectors including institutional, healthcare, light rail, airport, renewable energy
and building performance upgrades.

Our mission is to promote

quality construction – 

one builder, and one neighbourhood at a time.

live work play

ATL Construction’s Four Corners of Partnering system lay the foundation for project success. 

Edmonton’s ATL Construction offers professional and reliable contracting services for a wide variety of needs, and have earned a reputation for excellence.

Avonlea Homes brings an exciting
new home experience to their customers in Lethbridge. 

Avonlea is committed to bringing the best new home experience to our customers through bold design, superior quality and to gain that customer for life. 

Trico Homes’ Michael Brown
promising solution to the
affordable housing problem.

Handled with care, since 2013. 

Here’s to the clients we call partners.